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Sarah Brightman

Gus: The Theatre Cat

  female vocalists  opera  classical  new age  pop
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Текст песни Sarah Brightman - Gus: The Theatre Cat

Sarah Brightman - Gus: The Theatre Cat слова песни

SarahGus is the cat at the theatre doorHis name, as I ought to have told you beforeIs really asparagus, but thats a fuss to pronounceThat we usually call him just gusHis coats very shabby, hes thin as a rakeAnd he suffers from palsy that makes his paw shakeFor he was in his youth quite the smartest of catsBut no longer a terror to mice or to ratsFor he isnt the cat that he was in his primeThough his name was quite famous, he says, in his timeAnd whenever he joins his friends at their club(which takes place at the back of the neighbouring pub)He loves to regale them, if someone else paysWith anecdotes drawn from his palmiest daysFor he once was a star of the highest degreeHe has acted with irving, hes acted with treeAnd he likes to relate his success on the hallsWhere the gallery once gave him seven cat callsBut his grandest creation as he loves to tellWas firefrorefiddle, the fiend of the fellSir johnI have played in my time every possible partAnd I used to know seventy speeches by heartId extemporize backchat, I knew how to gagAnd I knew how to let the cat out of the bagI knew how to act with my back and my tailWith an hour of rehearsal, I never could failId a voice that would soften the hardest of heartsWhether I took the lead, or in character partsI have sat by the bedside of poor little nellWhen the curfew was rung then I swung on the bellIn the pantomime season, I never fell flatAnd I once understudied dick whittingtons catBut my grandest creation, as history will tellWas firefrorefiddle, the fiend of the fellSarahThen, if someone will give him a toothful of ginHe will tell how he once played a part in east lynneAt a shakespeare performance he once walked on patWhen some actor suggested the need for a catSir johnAnd I say now these kittens, they do not get trainedAs we did in the days when victoria reignedThey never get drilled in a regular troupeAnd they think they are smart just to jump through a hoopSarahAnd he says as he scratches himself with his clawsSir johnWell the theatre is certainly not what is wasThese modern productions are all very wellBut theres nothing to equal from what I hear tellThat moment of mystery when I made historyAs firefrorefiddle, the fiend of the fell

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