Retaliation Positive

  power metal  ambient  experimental  heavy metal  electronic
167 3 часа назад

Текст песни SCANNER - Retaliation Positive

SCANNER - Retaliation Positive слова песни

Текст песни SCANNER - Retaliation Positive

Sirs, now that you've saved me, I think I must explainI am mankind's dreadful legacyInheritance of those who fearAnd you, who look so strange, it seems you go the mightSo reinforce my iron hullAnd help me to return( )DO YOU KNOW - I was left aloneHate kills - it's deep down in my bonesThink hard - wish I was deadHate kills - please tell me why I'm badHate kills Hate - Hate kills HateI always took the wrong way, when I made my choiceInvincible body, destructive mind, decisions of a god-damned foolI - I lived a life of criminal desireI - was a tool in fate's cold gripBreak the wall - but there's still so much painLeave your hell - so many times I've triedAND NOW YOU KNOW - too late to turnHate kills - still my bowels burnThink hard - can't go aheadHate kills - a chance to start againHat kills Hate - Hate kills HateBreak the wall - you did wipe off the painLeave your hell - you did boost me upAND NOW YOU KNOW - no longer aloneHate kills - feel like made of stoneThink hard - I strike out the past

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