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Текст песни Scarface - Sunshine

Scarface - Sunshine слова песни

verse 1:He wanted drama so I brought him painwadadadanglisten to my nine millimeter go bangout goes your brains; feel the motherfuckin terrorand you ain`t felt the comin of death like this everyou paused; and now I got a Colt 45semiautomatic explodin between your eyes; surprise you never thought your yesterdays would come back to haunt youbut believe me, I`ve come back to haunt youI`m bout to bring your dog days to you mistacause rules in the streets you come off we come get yaand hit ya`; and I done let you slide a few timesbut eventually you gots to die in due timesunshinechorus:(x2)sunshine everybody needssunshinemy life, my life, my lifeverse:his mama must`ve got the news the little boy that she gave birth to was on of them niggas they pulled out the roomand all my other little homies stood shockedwhile they watched my other little homie bleed non-stopon the other side of sorrow is a father being tornapart by the sight of his son`s lying in the morgue he mourned cuz now he got to deal with the factthat his child is gone and tears can`t bring him backturn on the T.V. and seen the unabomberI flew to D.C., still they got no karmaand everybody say they think its all gonna changeyou paint me pictures, but they all look the sameits strange, I`m standin in my own frame of thoughtremainin in the street game framin which I was taughtI was taught to always keep my eyes open widecause in these streets you got to ride or you dieI`ve seen a child born and I`ve seen a man die can`t live forever and I understand whyso when your time comes will you crawl or be braveand in between judgement will you fall or be saved sunshinechorusverse 3:tears rolled town his face as he stared at his potnawith his chest full of holes and his head full of coppabroke his ass off something propa; he`s in the morguewith his brains in a shitbag and a toetag on-gonethis motherfucka must`ve thought he was a catand had nine lives but ended up on his backand then the reaper came and took control of your mindand you can`t think you got a hole in your mindyou dyin` and can`t nobody bring you out your comawhen this nigga brought the end and turned the lights out for yasee ya and I wouldn`t want to be in your positioncause starin` the shaft of a strap and you the missionmeans one thing you let a mothafucka catch you on the sneak tipand put your ass off in some deep shit; got the deep sixand everybody sad sendin` flowers to your ceremonythey lost thier motherfuckin` homeydamn Audi 5 on some dumb shitand motherfuckers steady riskin their safety behind this dumb shitbut I refuse to give a nigga mineI give a nigga ninechorus

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