Serial Joe

Should Have Been Mine

  canadian  punk  rock  grunge  alternative
283,00 3 часа назад

Текст песни Serial Joe - Should Have Been Mine

Serial Joe - Should Have Been Mine слова песни

You shut me out,
Dont hear a word im saying
Just can`t understand this crazy game your playing
Need a little time to make it right
Wipe the tears from your eyes if it takes all night

Look into my eyes
And see into my heart
`Cause this pain i see in you
Is tearing me apart

Dont turn away
Slip into yourself
Open the door and let me in
My mind is racing, trying to find the answer
To this crazy game your playin


Let me change the way you feel
Look right through me and see nothing of what i see
With frustration at my side
All i want is to set you free


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