Hot Gal

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Текст песни Shaggy - Hot Gal

Shaggy - Hot Gal слова песни

INTRORUCTION:Now this here goes out to all the player hatersNow if you could relate to this, keep it real manCHORUSAnyhow mi have a hot gal inna mi bedAn wen mi have a hot gal it haffi deadAn wen mi have a hot gal inna mi bedShe woulda vex because mi must beg her a.....So anyhow mi have a hot gal pon mi mindAn wen mi have a hot gal in front mi lineAn wen mi have a hot gal pon mi mindShe nuh know a wen mi really well want a ...1)Well a nuh one gal alone have mi weakBut a only good body gal one mi seekMan a get di kill an mi not even a speakTek man fih geek, put har pan mi peakMi give a gal a piece an she go road go leakGo to all di women an a run up her beakMi only mek she kiss mi pan mi chin or mi cheekA one ting nuh gal caaa come call mi freakCHORUS2)So wen mi meet a gal mi tell har mi name TonyCaaa mek she know seh all da name deh phonyCause when mi ready fih moany and groanyNobody nuh fih know seh a Shaggy a bone itAll mi little peppa seed tenderoniOne peel she get an mi not even own itCaaa wen me done chiney brush an stone itWell comfortable an a watch mi SonyCHORUS(repeat verse 1)

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