It Wasn`t Me (Remix)

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Текст песни Shaggy - It Wasn`t Me (Remix)

Shaggy - It Wasn`t Me (Remix) слова песни

[Nucci]Shaggy, Cartel remixNucci RayoNow picture this I`m bucknaked on the bathroom floorHittin` Aaliyah raw, Henney-ed up, Mya seen it allSame reason Kim and Foxy ain`t speakin` no moreAnd why Britney and Christina didn`t speak at the awardsKeys in the door, I heard a noiseI didn`t get upNext thing you know Destiny`s Child split upBut yo I`m Cris-ed up, got Monica in MiamiSoon as Kobe get marriedI`ll be back with Brandy[Shaggy]How you fe hav yuh woman nex` a yuh villa?Trepass and a witness up inna `you pillaYuh betta watch your back before she turn into a killaInterview the situation or she call the gleanerTo be a true playa you fe know how fe playIf she say a nite, convince her seh a dayNever admit to a word wat she sayAnd if she claim a yuh, tell her, baby no way1 - [Nucci](Shaggy) Yo but she caught me on the counter (It wasn`t me) Saw me banging on the sofa (It wasn`t me) I even had her in the shower (It wasn`t me) I even had her in the Range Rover (It wasn`t me) She saw the marks on my should (It wasn`t me) And here`s the words that I told her (It wasn`t me) She heard the screams gettin` louder (It wasn`t me) She stayed until it was over2 - [Richard "Rikrok" Ducent] Honey came in and she caught me redhanded Creepin` with the girl next door Picture this, we were both buck naked Banging on the bathroom floor[Shaggy]Mek she know seh, dat she neva hav` no right fe vexA never yuh seh see, a mek the gigalo flexA somebody else whey favor yuh in de complexSee is believing so yuh betta change yuh specsYuh know she a go bring a whole heap a tings up from de pastAll the likkle evident you betta know fe maskQuick pon yo` answer, know how fe talkBut if she back a run, yuh know yuh betta run fastRepeat 1[Wiz Dinero]Uh-huh that`s my story and I`m stickin` to itWhat you seen and heard, I ain`t admitting to itIt wasnt` me, you wanna call me liar, flattin` my tiresSeein` how you play goin` through my two wayYou wanna tear my PolosI can`t stand it when you rig up them four doorsFrom Miami, me and Shaggy in the CaddiPlus mami with the fattiTold me, meet her backstageTalkin` bout she need it badlyI never met her, never seen herWhat you talkin` bout?Bathroom tryna catch us when I`m walkin` outDressing room on the floor, on the table tooI`m telling you it wasn`t me, it was Don PoohRepeat 2I had tried to keep her from whatShe was about to seeWhy should she believe meWhen I told her it wasn`t meRepeat 2I had tried to keep her from whatShe was about to seeWhy should she believe meWhen I told her it wasn`t me

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