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Sir Mix A Lot

I Got Game

  rap  hip-hop  rap  hip-hop  rap  hip-hop
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Текст песни Sir Mix A Lot - I Got Game

Sir Mix A Lot - I Got Game слова песни

(Girls voice) "Man I wish I could find me a brother with some game"

To the rescue!

Here`s a little somethin` for you whacked out suckers
Rollin` twenty third sellin` dope to cluckers
Your bank is thick but you got no game
Spittin` at freaks runnin` superfly slang
I`m pullin` up the ave` hard as hell
In a droptop `vette with a greenwood tail
Girls are jockin` lookin` for a knockin`
Smart investments keep me clockin`
You know a `vette only got two seats
Just enough room for a player and a freak
Rollin` in the park, `n I seen this cutey
L.A. face, with a Oakland booty
She`s on tip, but I`m playin` that role
Talkin` to the home boys, showin` my gold
Skeez on bell, levi smell
I`m spittin` that game, and I`m spittin` it well
Rolled up, pulled up on the girly
"Girl you wanna ride in my `vette?"
"Why surely!"
That`s right baby, blowin` me a kiss
Thinkin` Mixalot gonna make you rich
Highside, highside, vapors that`s right
Can`t get play `cause my games so tight
Now she`s wit` it, skirts in effect
Layin` on the back-a my `vette
I got game, I got game, You know I got game, I got game


Bye-bye baby, Mix gotta roll
Switch to the Benz and I gotta get mo`
Hit the strip, seen this skinny
Butt shook like a four twenty-six hemi
Not just butt, baby hadda motor
Stacked to the max, hair to the shoulders
She`s older but I can mold `er
Dropped that game and it hit like boulders
Now she`s sprung, sittin` in my Benz
Rollin` up the tent so you can`t see in
Playin` that old Luther stuff
"You wanna get with me, this ain`t wild enough"
That`s a cue, sorry Luther
Brother you can sing, but I just can`t use ya
Thought she was cool, but the girl likes beat
Freak freak freak freak, baby wanna freak
Def `n dope, "You slangin`" Nope.
Callin` me a dealer `cause I sport fat rope
Step hoppin` that game, knowin` I can get it
"Take me to the Lakers Mix, so we can get wit` it"
Oh no, time for the ramble, bring a jimmy hat
`Cause I hate to gamble
Huffed `n puffed `n I just got in
Messin` up the backa my Benz
I got game girl - I got game

Two down, two to go.
Can`t live a night right if I don`t knock four
I`m in a big five hundred S E L
Interior hot, with a perfume smell
Took it on home, hit the shower
`Bout to get busy in one more hour
Ducks look, but they never will find me
Hopped in my number two Benz, one ninety
Here a skirt, there a skirt
Everywhere a skirt, skirt
Gotta have game, if you wanna get work
"Ah, you ain`t nothin`"
Some suckers wanna crush me
Smooth, wit` a move, baby girl. Rush me.
Here it is, from the wizard of hip-hop
A lesson in game, make the girls get hot
Picked up a girl named Mattie
Caught static from the sucker in a seven two caddy
Mattie was hot, but her name was "not"
I ain`t worried `bout that, I ain`t tyin no knot
Took her to the hotel, game went strong
She thought I spent bank, but I really spent coupons
But it`s cool, `cause my rhyme went smooth
Savin` my money, `cause my mouth is a tool
Rolled up close, when I hit the spit
I ain`t worried `bout my breath, `cause I brush my teeth
Popped that game, freak got weak
Hit that jackpot, slapped them feet
Mattie got busy with the bedroom eyes
Layin` on the big king-sized
I got game - I got game, girl - I got game - I got game

Yeah that`s right home cut, I got G A M E, snatchin` up girlies
an` rollin` up suckers, know whatta I mean.

Through with Mattie that makes three
"I`m gonna miss you babe, you gonna miss me?"
Got loose `cause the girl hadda big caboose
Hadda break down `cause the girl had juice
"I`m gonna miss you baby"
Smooth ain`t it? Girls so sprung that she almost fainted
Headin` for the crib, tired brother
When I spotted me another. Baby looks good
So you know what the means
Drive around the block when the gangsta leave
Open that sun roof, crank that beat
Bumpin` up the avenue, impressin` them freaks
What`s up baby? Grow so big, the girls all tip like funk `ol pigs
Runnin that game, `cause I wanna get work
Sit don`t rip rap home girl shirt
Here she comes, hopped in my car
Somethin` `bout my Benz goes far in bars
Spit, spit, runnin` that game
I`m feelin` confident about another thick dame
All of a sudden, my game got crushed
Some sucker pulled up and his ride was plush
Rolled up smooth, the girls was waitin`
5 point Oh, twenty four K Daytons
Oh-oh, think quick `cause my girls jumpin` on home boys tip
Better change my game, try another lure
`cause home boys lookin` like Al B. Sure
But it`s cool, `cause I whipped out bank
Big dead presidents made her think
Back in effect, situation in hand
I`m the brother that the others can`t stand
An` I got game, I got game, you know I got game

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