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Sir Mix A Lot

Monster Mack

  rap  hip-hop  rap  hip-hop  rap  hip-hop
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Текст песни Sir Mix A Lot - Monster Mack

Sir Mix A Lot - Monster Mack слова песни

Run for the hills cause the mack is back
I`m hookin` up girls by fact
If you`re stacked
You can rub a big mack
I gotta gas
So don`t worry about scraps
(no no)
Five foot eleven with a seven foot game
Gotta big mouth piece and I show no shame
Monster kinky have no morals
Monster loves to get oral (ummmm!)
Got ten cars and the girls like that
I was born and bred to be a mack
Once your sign is played
You gotta put a style in your game now a days
In the sixty`s girls was all hot
LSD had `em given up thigh
The baby boom was on I drop
No more woodstock but now you got Mix-A-Lot
So put me in your CD changer
Watch your girl cause Mix`s a re-arranger
Ooo, he`s sexist
Doo, he`s sexist
Keepin Rush Limbaugh restless
Well I`m da` mack and that`s monster
Straight chase girls through the tail cause I wants to
You can call it wack
But you respect this black
When it comes to game I`m a monster mack

Cause the Mix-A-Lot game is tough
Big Mack, Cause the Mix-A-Lot game is tough
I`m a monster mack
Lookin for sex
Bih bih bih big big mack

Strike the pose
But she aint nasty as me
Cause Mix-A-Lot is stuck on freaky
Can`t stop tappin that tweety
Give it to the needy
Nope, cause I`m too damn greedy
Here I go walking through the mall
Don`t play ball
But I got game for `em all
Focus on a victim, Focus on a victim
Mr. Richard is hot so lets sick em
And like a tomahawk jumpin`` on a skillet
Girl you got to gimp my puhh
The pick up king is back buddy
Tryin` to give lessons to these thick ass ballers and understudies
I`m not tryin` to call you no bitch girl
Don`t give a damn if your poor or rich girl
And we can play a pool
And I`m pokin` that 8-ball cool
And the bootys
I still like the bootys
She got a little waist doin` squats just to keep me on my duty
Giant size games what I droppin`
Straight freaks with these thick ol` gluts is what I`m knockin`
Now the right wing wanna test me
If likin` sex is a crime then you arrest me
But don`t tell me who to sing to Jack
Cause a third of your life is in the sack
I`m a monster mack


Drivin` my car by the bus stop
Till I spot a young cutie straight suckin` down a soda pop
Baby girl`s winkin`
Mix-A-Lot`s thinkin`
Hope this girl`s feet ain`t stankin`
Here we go
Swing by Franglors
Get a little Soul Food
Now you got a brother in the mood
Damn gotta get her home with the quickness
For this warriors a witness
No need to put my girls on tilt
Cause straight up game will get your milk
The nasty dog is back
With straight pimp game black
Ain`t no shame
I`m a monster mack


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