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Sir Mix A Lot

My Hooptie

  rap  hip-hop  rap  hip-hop  rap  hip-hop
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Текст песни Sir Mix A Lot - My Hooptie

Sir Mix A Lot - My Hooptie слова песни

My hooptie rollin` tailpipe draggin`
Heat don`t work an` my girl keeps naggin`
Six nine Buick deuce keeps rollin`
One hubcap `cause three got stolen
Bumper shook loose chrome keeps scrapin`
Mis matched tires and my white walls flakin`
Hit mickey d`s Maharaji starts to bug
He ate a quarter pounder threw the pickles on my rug
Runnin` movin` tabs expired
Girlies tryin` to dis `n say my car looks tired
Hit my brakes, out slid skittles
Tinted back window with a bubble in the middle
Who`s car is it? Posse won`t say
We all play it off when you look our way
Rollin` four deep, tires smoke up the block
Gotta roll this bucket, `cause my Benz is in the shop

My hooptie - my hooptie

Four door nightmare, trunk locks` stuck
Big dice on the mirror, grill like a truck
Lifters tickin`, accelerator`s stickin`
Somethin` on my left front wheel keeps clickin`
Picked up the girlies, now we`re eight deep

Cars barely movin`, but now we got heat
Made a left turn as I watched in fright
My ex-girlfriend shot out my headlight
She was standin`, in the road, so I smashed her toes
Mashed my pedal, boom, down she goes
Law ain`t lyin`, long hairs flyin`
We flipped the skeez off, dumb girl starts cryin`
Baby called the cops, now I`m gettin` nervous
The cops see a beeper and the suckers might serve us
Hit a side street and what did we find?
Some young punk, droppin` me a flip off sign
Put the deuce in reverse, and started to curse
Another sucker on the south side about to get hurt
Homey got scared, so I got on
Yeah my group got paid, but my groups still strong
Posse moved north, headin for the CD
Ridin` real fast so the cops don`t see me
Mis-matched tires got my boys uptight
Two Vogues on the left, Uniroyal on the right
Hooptie bouncin`, runnin` on leaded
This is what I sport when you call me big-headed
I pot-hole crusher, red light rusher
Musher of a brother `cause I`m plowin` over suckers

In a hooptie

It`s a three-ton monster, econo-box stomper
Snatch your girly, if you don`t I`ll romp `er
Dinosaur rush, lookin` like Shaft
Some get bold, but some get smashed
Cops say the car smokes, but I won`t listen
It`s a six-nine deuce, so the hell with emissions
Rollin` in Tacoma, I could get burned
(Sound of automatic gunfire) Betta make a u-turn
Spotted this freak with immense posterior
Tryin` to roll smooth through the Hilltop area
Brother start lettin` off, kickin` that racket
Thinkin` I`m a rock star, slingin` them packets
I ain`t wit` dat, so I smooth eject
Hit I-5 with the dope cassette
Playin` that tough crew hardcore dope
The tape deck broke
Damn what`s next, brothers in Goretex
Tryin` to find a spot where we could hunt for sex
Found a little club called the N-C-O
Military, competition. You know.
I ain`t really fazed, `cause I pop much game
Rolled up tough, `cause I got much fame
"How ya doin` baby, my name is Mixalot"
"Mixalot got a Benz boy, quit smokin` that rock"
Ooooh, I got dissed. But it ain`t no thing
Runnin` that game with the home made slang
Baby got ished, Bremelo gip.
Keep laughin` at the car and you might get clipped

By a hooptie

Runnin` outta gas, stuck in traffic
Far left lane, throwin` up much static
Input, output, carbeurator fulla soot
"Whatcha want me to do Mix?"
Push freak, push
Sputter, sputter rollin` over gutters
Cars dip low with hard core brothers
Tank on E, pulled into Arco
Cops on tip for Columbian cargo
We fit a stereotype, that`s what he said
Big long car, four big black heads
Cops keep jockin`, grabbin` like `gators
`Bout stereotypes, I`m lookin` nuthin` like Noriega
Cop took my wallet, looked at my license
His partner said "Damn, they all look like Tyson"
Yes, I`m legit, so they gotta let me go
This bucket ain`t rollin` in snow

It`s my hooptie

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