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Sir Mix A Lot

My Posse`s On Broadway

  rap  hip-hop  rap  hip-hop  rap  hip-hop
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Текст песни Sir Mix A Lot - My Posse`s On Broadway

Sir Mix A Lot - My Posse`s On Broadway слова песни

Me and Kid Sensation and that home away from home
In the Black Benz Limo with the cellular phone
I`m callin` up the posse it`s time to get rippin`
The freaks a need a sunroof to keep you sucka`s trippin`
Everybody`s lookin if your jealous turn around
The AMG kick keeps us closer to the ground
we`re gettin` good grip from the 50 series tires
the Alpine`s bumpin` but I need the volume higher--
cause the 808 kick drum makes the girlies get dumb--
we`re rollin` Rainier, and the jealous wanna get some--
Every time we do, the sucka M.C.`s wanna battle--
I`m the man they love to hate, the J.R. Ewing of Seattle--
Picked up the posse on 23rd and Jackson--
headed for the strip, yes we`re lookin` for some action--
the limo`s kinda crowded, the whole car was leanin` back--
Maharaji`s watchin` T.V. with two girlies on his lap--
On Martin Luther King.....the set looks kinda dead--

we need a new street so posse move ahead--
we all look kinda` SWASS the crew you can`t forget--
the Mix-a-lot posse co` rippen` up the set--

My Posse`s on Broadway........

UhhhRrrollin` with my posse we`re gettin` kinda` bored--
there`s not another posse with more points scored--
we don`t walk around like criminals or flex like big gorillas--
my homeboy Kid Sensation is the teenage lady killa`--
Maharaji`s on the def side dancin` like a freak--
the girlies see his booty and their knees get weak--
Larry is the white guy people think he`s funny --
a real estate investa` who makes a lot of money--
Clockin` lots of dollas` we all got gold--
cruzin` in the Benz ain`t got no place to go--
wheelin` 23rd we saw nuthin` but thugs--
the girlies was too skinny from smokin` all them drugs--
cause the rock man got `em and their butts just dropped--
the freaks looked depressed `cause the Benz won`t stop--
at 23rd and Union the driver broke left--
Kevin shouted Broadway it`s time to get def--
my girl blew me a kiss, she said I was the best--
she`s lookin` mighty freaky in her black silk dress--
the closer that we get, the crazier that I feel--
the posse`s on Broadway it`s time to get ill--

My Posse`s on Broadway.........

Cruzin` Broadway and my wheels spin slow--
rollin with my posse is the only way to go --
the girlies by the college was lookin for a ride--
we tried to pick them up but we had no room inside--
we put them on the trunk, we put them on the hood--
some sat up with the driver they made him feel good--
the posse`s gettin` bigger, there`s much too many freaks--
the muffler`s draggin`, my suspension`s gettin` weak--
Now the posse`s gettin` hungry, and Mix-a-Lot`s treatin`--
we stopped at Taco Bell, for some Mexican eatin`--
but Taco Bell was closed, and the girls was on my tip--
they said, "Go back the other way, we`ll stop and eat at Dick`s"--
Dick`s is the place where the crew hang out--
the SWASS like to play, and the rich flaunt clout--
posse to the burger stand, so big we walk in two`s--
we`re gettin` dirty looks, from those other sucka crews--
Kid Sensation dropped a $20, and didn`t even miss it--
skeeza from anotha` crew, she picked it up and kissed it--
her boyfriend`s illin`, he went to slap her face--
My homeboy P.L.B. co` sprayed the boy with mace--
`Cause I never liked a punk, who beat up on his girl--
if you don`t have game, then let her leave your world--
We took the girl with usssssss....with him she rode the busssss....
she gave the boy the finga`, and the sucka starts to cussssss....
boy I gotta def posse, you gotta bunch of dudes--
you`re broke co` cryin` bout the rock-man blues--
you beat up on your girl, and now you`re all upset--
she`s with the Mix-a-Lot posse, on the Broadway set--

My posse`s on Broadway.............

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