Funky Martini

  reggae  japanese  hip-hop  j-pop  canadian
313 3 часа назад

Текст песни Snow - Funky Martini

Snow - Funky Martini слова песни

Suddenly strange things are happening to me Strange people are not the faces I wanted to see Champagne, pain or drugs through the viens How could this happen to me? Ready or not here it comes Temples pounding like drums at a quarter to one Chorus (When the doors of perception are opening wide) Took a trip lost my grip and I flip my own lid (Do you dare to open it and see what`s inside) Took a trip lost my grip and I flipped my own lid Flip my lid, Flipped my lid I fell down and that`s what I done did In the morning time it makes me feel fine In the middle of the night I feel alright Make a move my feet never touching the ground Try to scream my voice never making a sound Had landslide slip my mind, lost in time How could this happen to me? Ready or not I`m coming through I`m a listen to you at a quarter to two Chorus Now I know my trip has finally unwound Gently rest my feet land firm on the ground As it fades to black, how to react I`m coming down Thank god this happened to me at a quarter to three Chorus If you want to hear stop come break down door Can`t do no more cuz its quarter to 4, come on

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