Pretenders To The Throne

  thrash metal  german  metal  black metal  thrash
92 3 часа назад

Текст песни Sodom - Pretenders To The Throne

Sodom - Pretenders To The Throne слова песни

Sitting on a throne of genocideOur master regal and glorySubject for suppressions landFairness find no place to expandAll his soldiers di to liveIn labyrints of deathBuring temples in town of spellPrepared for damnation to hellYoung blood envoyedFrom endless starlightBehats in right seasonFor ending the treasonPRETENDERS TO THE THRONEBetrayed, forgotten and alonePRETENDERS TO THE THRONEOur mighty child is born (Repeat)You confirm me by oath with magic signsPossesses from your masterhs brightnessYou bring me forms of ever open eyesToken erect of thorny thighIn his tyrannical lustHe kills and tortured all who sreams"In god we trust"Raise the merciless fightAgainst a wird mightCome on, lets overthrow only chanceChange of sovereign is our deliverancePRETENDERS TO THE THRONE

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