Текст песни Soft Boys - Kingdom Of Love

Soft Boys - Kingdom Of Love слова песни

In the spiritual kingdom of loveYou`re the one that I`m thinking ofYeah, in the spiritual kingdom of loveYou`ve been laying eggs under my skinNow they`re hatching out under my chinNow there`s tiny insects showing throughAnn all them tiny insects look like youIn the primitive jungle of loveIt`s funny what you`re capable ofYeah, in the primitive jungle of loveAh, the way you look and all the things you saidIf look could kill then baby I`d be deadEither someone`s cloned you and you aren`tOr you`ve grown out of me just like a plantAin`t no way I`m gonna be anything I oughtta to beAll I want to do is be your creatureAin`t no way I`m gonna be anything I wanna beAll I want to do is be your teacherIn the physical kingdom of timeI guess that your dish is full of slimeWell, in the physical kingdom of timeYou know, I would ramble all through time and spaceJust to have a duchess lick at your faceYou`re the one I love or so it seemsBecause you`ve confiscated all my dreamsYeah

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