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Текст песни Stevie Nicks - Fall from Grace

Stevie Nicks - Fall from Grace слова песни

Words and music by stevie nicks.I choose to be his confidantAnd to keep him from the fireI choose to be quietly discreetIf that is his desireI touch with gossamer wingsTo be quiet around youThere is so much going onYou could easilyChorus:Wake up with a strangerIts not something you planOne night in a world of painAnd you finally understandNot all the kings horses, not all the kings menCould put it back togetherYou say you wouldnt do this for very longThe applause from it all is so definingWell it bounces off the wall at youWhen the miracle is happeningHigh priestess...shes the keeper of the peace in thisTwice as much, intensifiedWhat people will doTo get...this...highChorusAnd now alone in my roomAs it all begins againWas I so wrongWhy am I always so intenseIn this same place I sitThe same place as beforeWell I came all the way hereJust to watch you walk out that doorI didnt ask when you shook your headI always accepted what you saidAs the truth and the truth onlyWell its not enough that you depend on meAnd its not enough that you say you love meIts not enough to just save faceBecause sometimesYou just fall from graceSometimesYou just fall from graceMaybe I am calmer nowMaybe things are fineMaybe I made the whole thing upMaybe it isnt a lieMaybe the reason I say these thingsIs to bring you back aliveMaybe I fought this long and this hardJust to make sure you survive

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