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Текст песни Strike Anywhere - Detonation

Strike Anywhere - Detonation слова песни

We are not the images we seeI refuse tofollow the fashion to its endhypocrisyis killing meon the rights of your wealthI disagreethis puppets culture scars our tongueswith what`s unsungbut we`re not finishedwe`re not doneillusions of their fucking progressare always fed to usbut innocence can rise againredemptiona healing trustfrom the depths of their false dreamsrebuilding, rebuildingnothing for their warnothing anymoreare we all guilty?are we all guilty?the greed inside mewaiting for our sharestand up nowrebuildingnothing for their warnothing anymorewe`re all addicted bornwith desperation, scornfor hopes and dreams to mournthe time we did not dare(but it`s not there)stand up, speak outto define a futurewe live in silence pulling init`s what we`re in this forgotta stop the warwe buy and buy hypocrisywhat are we in this for?gotta stop the warI refuse tocarry the flag of this countryof golden guns and cynics punsas the rights of your wealth walk over mefrom the depths of these false dreamswe`re addicted bornwaiting at the windowfor the coming stormwe`re all addicted bornwith desperation scornour hopes and dreams to mournthe time we did not dareto change the futureand respect our pastillusions that are fedare passing throughand they won`t lastwe are not the images we see

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