Strike Anywhere

I Will Question The Answer

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Are you a hard-faced boy with hooligan eyes?Are your hands driven to murder?The conscience they teach you to despiseInna world full of the sell-out conditionWith your hands still on the triggers of the weapons of warYou sing and choke on the tears of your hatredWounded but living to fight againFor what?They preach their disorderThey make you accompliceAnd try to say there`s nothing leftFor you to doBut we can liberate each otherScream out against the voidCommunicate! Not seperatedWe live to arm this joySo, why do we do what they tell us?Why do we do what they say?Why do we do what they tell us?Why am I controlled by what they say?Right now, you can`t be shut down or go madBe binded not so badIn every tongue with every voiceArm this joyTo the government, the world stageOur voices, this outrageIn every tongue with every wordArm this joyRight now, hooligan captive girls and boysWe make this noise for lifeWill you walk on the battlefield with me?Our hearts define widdershins against the sunI`m not the only one.

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