(I know) I`m losing you

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Текст песни Temptations - (I know) I`m losing you

Temptations - (I know) I`m losing you слова песни

Your love is fading, I can feel your love fading.
Girl, it`s fading away from me.

`Cause your touch, your touch has grown cold.
As if someone else controls your very soul.
I`ve fooled myself long as I can.
Can feel the presence of another man.

It`s there when you speak my name.
It`s just not the same.
Ooo baby, I`m losing you.
It`s in the air, it`s everywhere.
Ooo baby, I`m losing you. (Losing you)

When I look into your eyes.
A reflection of a face I see.
I`m hurt, downhearted, and worried girl.
`Cause that face doesn`t belong to me.

Oh, it`s all over your face.
Someone`s taken my place.
Ooo baby, I`m losing you.
You try hard to hide.
The emptiness inside.
Ooo, I can tell I`m losing you.
Ooo (Losing you)
I don`t wanna lose you.


Ooo, I can tell when we kiss.
From the tenderness I miss.
Ooo little girl, I`m losing you.

Girl, I can feel it in my bones.
In a day you`ll be gone.
Oh baby, I`m losing you.

Oh, my dear.
What happened to the love we shared?
Oh baby, I`m losing you.

I know it`s true.
There`s someone new.
Oh baby, baby, I`m losing you.

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