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Текст песни Tender Pain - The Revenge

Tender Pain - The Revenge слова песни

Текст песни Tender Pain - The Revenge

My thoughts are mixing in my head,Still can't believe that you're dead.I feel the raindrops on my lip,All day, all night the tears drip.I still remember all we had:All hours, when I was sad,All our meetings in the park,( )But now my future is too dark.I try to feel, that you're gone;My soul is lost, I'm all alone.I'll hunt your enemies and fightAnd I will blind them by the light.I see the angels in the streetAnd feel a sharp pain in my feet.I cannot stand, but I can fly.I know what's truth and what is lie.I always try, but cannot changeMy thoughts about the revenge.I'll put the sword in traitor's hand,I'll drink his blood, I'll see his end. I made my farfetched I'm satisfied.

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