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Текст песни The O.C. Supertones - Let it Go

The O.C. Supertones - Let it Go слова песни

I, I, I, I`ve noticed how you`ve been withdrawn, everybody`s askinwhere you`ve been, the only time you call me back is to tell me you`ll be stayinin. I don`t know what is in your heart, but trust me God knows what is there, but how can I be here for you, if you wont tell me why you`re scared, talk to me, what is wrong, tell me whats been goinon, have you fallen back again, where sin is fat but faith is thin, (Chorus)Let it go, it`s not worth the pain and the shame so just let it go. I, I, I, I`m sorry but I think you`re dumb to let your soul have grown so numb, I understand I`ve been there too but God is still in love with you, it`s so hard to swallow pride when you`re stuffed with sin inside, pride puffs up but never fills and satisfy it never will.

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