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Tom Waits

Back in The Good Old World

  blues  singer-songwriter  experimental  rock  alternative
747,00 прямо сейчас

Текст песни Tom Waits - Back in The Good Old World

Tom Waits - Back in The Good Old World слова песни

(gypsy)(tom waits)When I was a boy, the moon was a pearl the sun a yellow gold.But when I was a man, the wind blew cold the hills were upside down.But now that I have gone from here theres no place Id rather beThan to float my chances on the tide back in the good old world.On octobers last Ill fly back home rolling down winding way.Scare crows are all dressed in rags out at the edge of the field I layAnd all Ive gots a pocket full of flowers on my grave.Oh but summer is gone I remember it bestBack in the good old world.

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