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Текст песни Tom Waits - Goin Out West

Tom Waits - Goin Out West слова песни

(tom waits/k. brennan)Well Im goin out westWhere the wind blows tallcause tony franciosaUsed to date my maThey got some money out thereTheyre giving it awayIm gonna do what I wantDo what I wantAnd Im gonna get paidLittle brown sausagesLying in the sandI aint no extra babyIm a leading manWell my parole officerWill be proud of meWith my olds 88And the devil on a leashMy olds 88And the devil on a leashWell I know karate, voodoo tooIm gonna make myself available to youI dont need no make upI got real scarsI got hair on my chestI look good without a shirtWell I dont lose my composureIn a high speed chaseWell my friends think Im uglyI got a masculine faceI got some dragstrip courageI can really drive a bedIm gonna change my nameTo hannibal or maybeJust rexChange my name to hannibalOr maybe just rexIm gonna drive all nightTake some speedIm gonna wait for the sunTo shine down on meI cut a hole in my roofIn the shape of a heartAnd Im goin out westWhere theyll appreciate meGoin out westGoin out west

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