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Текст песни Tom Waits - Ill Take New York

Tom Waits - Ill Take New York слова песни

Ill tip the newsboyIll get a shineIll ride this dreamTo the end of the lineIm goin placesIll take a rideUp to the riversideIll take nyIll let it happenIll pop the corkTear off the wrappinIll make a splash on the hudsonThats how I will arriveHey, do you have two tens for a five? Roll out the carpetStrike up the bandBreak into the bestChampagne when I landBeat the parade drumHit all the barsI want the moon and starsBut Ill take nyIll make it happenBlow out the candlelsTear off the wrappinAnd I know somedayTheyll have to name a street after meRight next door to old franklin d

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