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Текст песни Tom Waits - Lowside Of The Road

Tom Waits - Lowside Of The Road слова песни

I`m on a black elevatorGoin downLittle Joe from KokomoIt rattles to the groundThe dice is laughin at the man that he throwedYour rollin over to theLowside of the road.The moon is red and yourDancin real slow29 miles left to goThe chain momkeys Help you with your loadYou`re rollin over to the Lowside of the roadJezebel is naked With an axeThe prosecution tell youTo relax Your head feels like it`s readyTo explodeYou`re rollin over, you`re rollin overWell the clapper has been rippedOut of the bellThe flapper has been kicked rightOut of hellWhen the horse whips the Man that he rodeYou`re rollin over to the Lowside of the roadThe dog won`t bite if you beatHim with a boneShe`s so shy when she`sTalkin on the phoneThe round rises up and starts to groanYou`re rollin over to the Lowside of the road

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