Daydreaming (Tricky`s vox)

  trip-hop  electronic  downtempo  trip hop  electronica
151 3 часа назад

Текст песни Tricky - Daydreaming (Tricky`s vox)

Tricky - Daydreaming (Tricky`s vox) слова песни

Attitude is coolDegrees below zero.Up against the wallBehaving like Deniro.Tricky`s performing.Taking his photoMake him stand with a tan.Touch it like cocoa.Smooth keep it moving at the back now.Free as the needle that`s movnig through the track now.....Trouble and strifeAin`t no sunshine in my life.Wiseguys get protection When they carry a knife.They shouldn`t have been born.They`re making me yawn.But IJust take it easy like a Sunday morn.....If I was a rich manDaddy G: da da dada.......I quietly observe standing in my space.It`s the devious days they call the rat race.It`s a concrete jungle, evil in the town,Weebles, wobble, occasional squabble,But we`re happy when the bomb dropsDown.....Well I`m Tricky KidDon`t deal with sadnessCan`t be with the one I loveI love the one that I miss.I`m very down to earthBut brain sits on top floor.Don`t need another loverJust need, I`m insecure.....Yes Tricky KidI check my situation.Maggy this Maggy thatMaggy means inflation.Hip-hop you don`t stopCause I`m not sloppy.I like the beatsSo we need another copy.....3D: You`re a hooligan You try to play the fool again.Tricky: Caught you in the lost and found3D: When your posse weren`t around.Tricky: No crowd3D: So you`re going for you tool again.

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