Uncle Kracker

Thunderhead Hawkins

  rock  pop  country  alternative  singer-songwriter
327 3 часа назад

Текст песни Uncle Kracker - Thunderhead Hawkins

Uncle Kracker - Thunderhead Hawkins слова песни

I know a cabin down there in Tennessee
Where you can`t find the forest on account of the trees
And Old Perry Foster he got something to say
And you can smell the pigs cuz` they been cookin` all day


I don`t need no critics
I don`t need no suits
I just need somebody who can tell me the truth
You can keep your opinions
You can keep on walkin`
I`m gonna raise my glass yeah to Thunderhead Hawkins


Miss Mary Jane she always looks like a star
But the rock n roll banker likes to sleep in his car
You won`t hear no opry you`ll hear six strings
And you won`t know what to do when you hear Thunderhead sing


Now Mr. Hawkins got a family tree
He got that their legendary cabin down in Tennessee
You know he`ll hook up that guitar everybody gather round
You stay close to the fire when the sun goes down
Old Brother Merle he`s always waiting in the wings
Only man up in them woods wearin` all them gold rings
Old Mr. Hawkins he won`t do nobody wrong
But he`ll he`ll tear your heart out with one sad song


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