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Текст песни Usher - Crazy

Usher - Crazy слова песни

I`m crazy, so crazy
I`m crazy about you
I`m crazy so crazy, about you
(Crazy `bout you baby)

What kind of love is this
That keeps me hypnotized - cant` get you off
My mind
Don`t ever let it end - let it go on and on and on
Cause you know it turns me on

Whisper in my ear, just what I want to hear
Cause no one can love me like you do
Ohh that`s why I am

I`d like to take this time
To tell you how I feel - to let you know the deal
So baby, let`s make plans
I want you to be my only girl
Cause you know I`ll be your man


I`m crazy - about you


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