Flashback of a poor man

  nsbm  black metal  thrash metal  ukraine  hardcore
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Текст песни Warhead - Flashback of a poor man

Warhead - Flashback of a poor man слова песни

today was the day, money I didn`t have
they came to me in their white coats
and took my kidneys and my heart
now my body`s bloody cold,
my signature was my grave!

sign your name and you`ll be free,
take the money and feel good
pay your debts, it`s all okay,
20.000 you have got
I give you one year to pay back
and take your organs if you don`t
now you know about the consequence,
so we`ll meet in one year

I knew I couldn`t get a job these days,
so where could I find my way out
20.000 dollars were too much,
the doc, he knew I had no chance
poverty was my gallows pole,
the rich were dancing on my grave
and isn`t it disgusting, man,
I wasn`t dead, I was alive

it`s not a tale, man, this is true,
I paid my debts with my life
it`s not a vision of tomorrow,
those things happen today
if you`ve got money, you`ll get new teeth,
you`ll get new skin and a new heart
but as a poor man
you will see your own flashback start

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