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Текст песни W.a.s.p. - Helldorado

W.a.s.p. - Helldorado слова песни

I hear the motor runningBurning up the roadTail pipes - a- draggingFire in the smokeAnd I say - Hell yeahI say - Hell yeahOoh she`s a monsterTake me on homeThis ain`t no joyrideDo you wanna go?This ain`t your daddy`s Oldsmobile noI hear the beast a-comingTo get another loadOf fire and brimstoneDo ya wanna goAnd I say - Hell yeahI say - Hell yeahOoh she`s a monsterRolling me (on) homeThis ain`t no joyrideNo, no, ohDo we got a driver?You bet your ass we doTonight - it`s all over nowOoh, hell`s just one mile down the roadGoodbye - it`s all over now (so long)My Helldorado`s going homeHot wheel`s a-turningScreaming down the roadThe tank`s never emptyHe fills it up with soulsI feel the flames a-burningDo you wanna go?But this ain`t no joyrideHelldorado`s going homeTake me to hellCause I`m going thereHot rods to hellHelldoradoTake me to hellI`m going whereThe devil`s thereIn Helldorado

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