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Текст песни Xscape - Cant Hang

Xscape - Cant Hang слова песни

(feat. mc lyte)Intro by jd:Lets get downLets get downVerse one (kandi):You claim youve been waiting,With no game, just anticipating,How it would be if you and I were in the sackBut to me you look like you wouldnt know how to actBridge (latocha):I need someone to hold me,All night long.It must be you my darling,Am I wrong.It aint a damn thing baby,Show me what you can bring,Cause some try to swang but they still cant hang.Chorus:You and me lets get down,Even though you claim that youve been around,I betcha cant hang,I betcha cant hang.(repeat x2)Verse two (kandi):You claim you can do this, this and that,Aint no shame in my game,If its wack I gotta tell you that.So you betta be up on your down stroke,You gotta know how to keep this boat afloat,Cause in my mind I think your gonna slip baby.Repeat break and chorusRap by mc lyte:You talk a lot of this and you talk a lot of that,Is it all fact brotha man are you phat? Cause if its on the real I come with mad sex appeal,Flip light delicious, you know the deal.Hey thats me, I be the slick,The one with the physique,I freak you in the sheets.I take a nigga deep down under,I make him wonder,How to make the lighting come before the thunder.Thats the pleasure I bring,I make a nigga get up and sing,Tinga linga ling ling.I got the pow, da boogie and the bang bangYou cant hang dont talk da gameRepeat chorus

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