Radios In Motion

  new wave  post-punk  80s  pop  alternative
474 3 часа назад

Текст песни Xtc - Radios In Motion

Xtc - Radios In Motion слова песни

There`s a message up in China
That they getting in Japan
Bouncing off an ocean liner
Make em shake em in Siam
All the kids are complaining
That there`s nowhere to go
All the kids are complaining
That the songs are too slow
All I`m saying is you`re deaf
To the fact that there`s ...
Radios in motion
Atmosphere to ocean
Radios in motion
Gets you out of your red white and blues
When we move then so do you`se
There`s a message in Milwaukee
That they`re getting in Moscow
Everybody walkie talkie
Everybody learning how
All the kids are complaining (etc...)

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