Above The Horizon

  death metal  grindcore  goregrind  hard rock  finnish
219 3 часа назад

Текст песни Xysma - Above The Horizon

Xysma - Above The Horizon слова песни

Towards the horizonFrom under the seaFirmamentIs laughing at meGreenish visionsFrom the pastMillions of coffinsOf the futureThe waves sing deathI`m listening to their messageThe sky melts and the star friesI`m a cell in your veinsEars turn into birdsFlesh starts to shrinkMy tearduct evacuates shapes and rainSlugs are crawling on the sunYour mental health is weakeningThe planet surrounds youYou`re only a reflectionLook at me - I`m your sceneryPaint me and you`ll seeClose your eyes and you`ll be free

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