At The Speed Of Life

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Intro:Listen you fuckers, you screwheadsHere`s a man who won`t take it anymoreA man who stood up againstThe skunk, the kunts, the dogs, the fill, the shitHere is some one who stood upHere is...Yeah! this is it for anybody usin bodies presents, Xzibit movin at the speed of lifeYeah! check itVerse One:It took a long time comin but we waited Xzibit went from underatedTo now most antcipadednever would of thought that I would rock your setAnd get love and respect without no special effectsOnly the rugged ruff shit that the hard rock needLyrics must contain more then just clothes bitches and weedthinkin` how you like to see the next man bleedTryin to glority greedLivin life at ridiculuos speed-indeed!The main goal to achieve, is to succeedHave it laid out for your seedBut the world gets colder every day by dayPhysically, mentally gettin drained by L.A.Trying to find piece of mindis like trying to find a gold mineit just wont happen no time for relaxinReal soldiers of fortune the front line of the action So never show a nigga what you packin`"You know what i`m sayin`?"It`s too much weight to be jugglingwho do you picture when you think about strugglingKids in the bed, no food stomach bubbilinNiggas in the E-class heavy drug smugglinChorus:Movin...yeah! yes movin...At the speed of lifeVerse Two:And plus I feel that no style is darker than mineThere was a time it was all about beats and rhymesBut nowadays the blind just follow the blindand when I die! Niggas still recite these linesto rock the heads, waterbeds citys and townsBringin strength to the masses that be holdin it down the underground! to upper echelon and beyondXzibit rock and roll the streets like a vagabondNigga wanna trip you gettin dissed like a blond bitchmackin to Farrakhan, I run game like a marathonIt`s here today then tomorrow it`s goneIt`s the law of the land a straight modern day babylon!Chorus:Movin...yeah! yeah! like thisLike this...at the speed of lifeAh! Bring it live, yeah!Verse Three:Xzibit lookin at the earth thru wide anglesI found a stairway to heaven in a city of lost angelsWhere small situations turn to altercationwith a heavy ass price`cause niggas don`t fight no more!before hip hop was all about dramaanything for a dollar before Kane fucked MadonaXzibit maintain and stayed bent like a commaJust me and my bottlewe shall lead not followEmcees be full of shitbut they style be hollowit seems you`ve bitin off morethan you can possibly swallowjust a day in the life of a man named Xonly blunt and latex for the oppisite sexyou see niggas comin thru to smoke and pay respect ever since fifteen, I been ready for anythingwhatever they bring in any shape, form or fashionI live to the fullest and rip rhyme with a passionbut in the mean while if worse comes to worstbust a round or bust a verse whatever comes firstYeah! we got it locked down tight

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