Heart Of Man

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Текст песни Xzibit - Heart Of Man

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Ain`t a damn thing promised to ya
Except livin your life, and dyin one day, I`m just bein honest to ya
It take a whole lot, just to get a little
Gettin caught up in the middle the answer to life`s riddles
never, come that easy, but it was easy
to lead me, but it wasn`t easy to see me
Get up off the block to the TV
And sell a couple million CD`s, best believe me
You see these callouses on my soul?
Couldn`t let hate and paralysis, take control
I pick you up when you down `til I can`t no mo`
My name sting in your mouth like canker sores
Been at war my whole life, sleepless nights
Endless fights, but still can`t walk to the light
Cause my work ain`t finished on earth, for what it`s worth
From the cradle to the hearse, God and family first, for real

[Chorus: singer]
Somewhere in the heart of man (somewhere, within, somewhere)
There comes a time when he must understand (when he must understand)
The strong withstand, the weak will fall [repeat]
Cause tomorrow may not come at all [repeat]

Life ain`t long, it`s more like a snapshot
You can have the top, I live for the hop
Never take a day I`m breathin on this planet for granted
Time for change, time for growth, peace understandin
See but niggaz keep forcin my hand, disturbin my plans
Bringin out the soldier in a peaceful man
It`s like tryin to build a house on sand; you never get
a solid foundation, one man can change the nation
Yo I put that on all creation; Haitian, Jamaican
African, Asian, Caucausian, Indian
Whatever your persuasion, this is the message
Time is of essence especially when you`re countin your blessings
Lessons learned from the deepest of pain, it`s not a game
Keep my name outta your mouth and I`ma keep it the same, ya dig?
It`s a shame, graduated to the rap game
Only to find out crack and rap was the same thang, damn!!


Who got skill? Who got hustle?
Who got they family with `em? Who pay for they muscle?
Yo it`s all gon` come out in the wash, the lost angel
with dirty wings, bullets ricochet off my halo
I lay low for no one, I love my life
Ain`t afraid of no hard work and sacrifice
Was born twice through the life of my seed
Makin sure he see a side of life, I was never able to see
Hittin home like "Ground Zero," move over now
Peace to the real heroes, still underground
I put it down for the homies that came that`s hard in the paint
I`m livin proof it`s never to late, you straight
Once in a while I go back to the main strip
And see the same niggaz still doin the same shit
And all I can do is increase the flow
Put it out, let it soak in, and hope they grow, c`mon

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

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