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Gary Moore - Out In The Fields

Intro: D (slide to) Bb C D Bb

It doesn't matter if you're wrong or if you're right
It makes no difference if you're black of if your white
All men are equal 'till the victory is won
G A N.C. (D)
No color or religion ever stopped a bullet from a... (gun)

D F Bb C D
...out, in the fields, the fighting has begun
F Bb C D
On the streets, they're falling one by one
F Bb C Bb
From the skies a thousand more will die each day
G D Bb
Death is just a heartbeat away

It doesn't matter if you're left or to the right
Don't try to hide behind the cause for which you fight
There'll be no pris'ners taken when the day is done
G A N.C. (D)
No flag or uniform ever stopped a bullet from a... (gun)

There's no communication
No one to take the blame
The cries of every nation
Have fallen on deaf ears a-gain
F (slide to) Bb C G F E
D F (slide to) Bb C (pickslide)

Solo: D Bb C G A

D N.C.
Out, in the fields, they are falling one by one
No flag has ever stopped a bullet from a gun
Death is just a heartbeat away

2x (second time one whole step up)

Outro: A E

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