Тексты песен Bardot

Bardot - I Need Somebody
17 дней назад 223 (не задано)
Bardot - I Should`ve Never Let You Go
15 дней назад 192 (не задано)
Bardot - Poison
16 дней назад 208 (не задано)
Bardot - These Days
14 дней назад 242 (не задано)
Bardot - Higher Than Heaven
14 дней назад 195 (не задано)
Bardot - Missin` Your Love
8 дней назад 218 (не задано)
Bardot - Down
3 часа назад 326 (не задано)
Bardot - Other Side Of Love
3 дня назад 201 (не задано)
Bardot - What Have You Done
4 дня назад 172 (не задано)
Bardot - Love Me No More
4 дня назад 212 (не задано)
Bardot - Girls Do, Boys Don`t
3 дня назад 214 (не задано)
Bardot - Holding On
3 дня назад 227 (не задано)
Bardot - Got Me Where You Want Me
6 дней назад 192 (не задано)
Bardot - Play It Like That
2 дня назад 185 (не задано)
Bardot - Feel Right
3 дня назад 207 (не задано)

Информация о артисте

Bardot was an Australian female pop group which formed in 1999 on the original Australian reality television series of Popstars. Aired in early 2000, the program was a fresh concept to audiences, attracting high ratings and much hype in the media. This resulted in the instant success of their debut single "Poison" and self-titled debut album, both entering the Australian and New Zealand charts at number 1 and highly in parts of Asia. In 2001, Bardot released their second album Play it Like That, featuring the Top 5 ARIA singles "ASAP" and "I Need Somebody", with greater creative control and this resulted in many strong reviews. Despite making the "mutual decision" to part ways in 2002, it remains the most successful act of all four Australian Popstars seasons.

Bardot (Bradford, Andrew, McRiner)

"Bardot" also refers to the 1978 British folk rock trio Bardot (UK) comprising Chris Bradford, Laurie Andrew, and Ray McRiner.
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