Тексты песен buck-o-nine

buck-o-nine - Callin` In Sick
месяц назад 98 (не задано)
buck-o-nine - Dear Anna
месяц назад 105 (не задано)
buck-o-nine - Fall Guy
месяц назад 95 (не задано)
buck-o-nine - Falling Back To Sleep
месяц назад 86 (не задано)
buck-o-nine - Few Too Many
месяц назад 81 (не задано)
buck-o-nine - Full Metal Bree
месяц назад 91 (не задано)

Информация о артисте

Buck-O-Nine formed in a small warehouse in the early part of 1991. Based in San Diego, the band was on the horizon of a change in the music industry. At the time the catch phrase was “Grunge.” The band was eager to take a different path. With their backgrounds in Punk/Metal bands, Reggae bands and 2nd wave Ska bands, Buck-O-Nine had the formula for what was to become a new mutation of sounds. Inspired by the early founders of this new sound, Buck-O-Nine admired the works of Fishbone, Operation Ivy, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and the Voodoo Glow Skulls.

Buck-O-Nine has released several albums including Songs in the Key of Bree, Barfly, Twenty-Eight Teeth, and Libido.

Currently Buck-O-Nine still plays shows for fun. They have re-connected with the positive, fun vibe that the band originated from.
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