Тексты песен Caesar

Caesar - Acid Years
4 дня назад 312,00 (не задано)
Caesar - Ana Nomaly
11 дня назад 325,00 (не задано)
Caesar - Bandido
19 дня назад 320,00 (не задано)
Caesar - Before My Head Explodes
14 дня назад 289,00 (не задано)
Caesar - Dogs
1 день назад 376,00 (не задано)
Caesar - Everybody Knows
10 дня назад 297,00 (не задано)
Caesar - Firefly
1 месяц назад 316,00 (не задано)
Caesar - Happy
8 дня назад 286,00 (не задано)
Caesar - Hardest Time
1 месяц назад 239,00 (не задано)
Caesar - Hey Day
8 дня назад 369,00 (не задано)
Caesar - Homesick
18 дня назад 255,00 (не задано)
Caesar - Horrorscope
17 дня назад 271,00 (не задано)
Caesar - I Don`t Kow You
14 дня назад 256,00 (не задано)
Caesar - I Took It Home
8 дня назад 231,00 (не задано)
Caesar - In Your Eyes
17 дня назад 242,00 (не задано)

Информация о артисте

There are at least 3 artists with the name Caesar:

1) a three-piece indie rock band from Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2) a Danish protest/folk singer
3) a progressive metal-core band located in the Southern Michigan/Northern Indiana area in the United States

1) Caesar was a three-piece indie rock band from Amsterdam, The Netherlands (1994-2008), consisting of Roald van Oosten (vocals, guitar), Sem David Bakker (bass) and Marit de Loos (drums). Their début album, Clean (1996), was the very first release of Holland's prestigious Excelsior Recordings label. The band would release three more studio albums: No Rest For The Alonely (1998), Leaving Sparks (2000) and the self-titled Caesar (2003). They were one of the most popular indie rock bands in The Netherlands around the year 2000, played almost every major Dutch festival, won a 'Silver Harp' and toured internationally.

Following a sabbatical year (2005), the group released Before My band Explodes (2006), a compilation of outtakes and rarities. The band arranged a 'farewell gig' in the Melkweg in Amsterdam in April 2008 - and called it a day.

Frontman, Roald van Oosten, continued to release music, first with his shirt-lived new group, Ghost Trucker (2006). 2016 saw the release of his first solo album.

2) Cæsar is Bjarne Bøgesø Rasmussen (May 15, 1938 - April 22, 2000), a Danish protest/folk singer.

3) The American Caesar formed in December 2010, and while none of the members can call the same town home, they have all found a home within Caesar. Caesar hits the pavement as much as possible and having members from Michigan and Indiana, they make sure that whenever they are given a stage to play on they make sure to leave their mark. The live performance of this group is what they pride themselves on, and they entertain in a manner that fans won't soon forget. As for the music, it can stand on its own. The way in which the music of Caesar is delivered through speakers is for lack of a better word: aggressive.It can be found in the rhythmic attack from the instruments and the chilling delivery of the vocals. The music is high energy and unceasing. Caesar has hopes to find a home in an industry that is constantly changing. With the groups first full length expected in the early summer 2012, Caesar is putting all they have into creating a unique music experience that they are going to give back to every single person that has supported them. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.