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Caustic Soda formed in Melbourne, Australia in late 1994, the result of two school friends finding a drummer through an ad in Missing Link, Melbourne's seminal record store. One year later they had played through bar brawls, wowed fans in Australia's burgeoning underground punk scene, recorded a debut cd in a friend's house, and played a set for 10,000 wedged between Bikini Kill and Rancid. Often compared to their heroes, Jawbreaker, Bad Religion, Snuff, but possessing a style of shouty, scrappy, brooding punk rock all of their own, the band continued through a second full-length, a 7", and countless compilation appearances, before disbanding in mid-1999 when just on the verge of something big. Donnie (vocals/guitar) and Lachlan (drums) continued on that promise with Blueline Medic, which Donnie still plays in to this day, whilst Jeremy (vocals/bass) moonlighted briefly in short-lived emo/hardcore outfit Rushmore. These days punk bands all follow the 12-step guide to success, but Caustic Soda revelled in the underground, shunning press kits, demoing and schmoozing, in favour of one-take recordings and gutsy live performances. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.