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Тексты песен Damnation

Damnation - Confession
22 дня назад 256,00 (не задано)
Damnation - Coronation
22 дня назад 261,00 (не задано)
Damnation - Deliverance
22 дня назад 284,00 (не задано)
Damnation - Down Of My Feet
22 дня назад 273,00 (не задано)
Damnation - Forbidden Spaces
22 дня назад 276,00 (не задано)
Damnation - Forsaken By Destiny
22 дня назад 254,00 (не задано)
Damnation - From The Abyssland
22 дня назад 238,00 (не задано)
Damnation - In Resistance
22 дня назад 263,00 (не задано)
Damnation - Infestation
22 дня назад 263,00 (не задано)
Damnation - Leaving Into The New Reality
15 часа назад 269,00 (не задано)
Damnation - Might Returns
22 дня назад 254,00 (не задано)
Damnation - Pagan Prayer
22 дня назад 263,00 (не задано)
Damnation - Son Of Fire
22 дня назад 251,00 (не задано)
Damnation - Spell Master
22 дня назад 280,00 (не задано)
Damnation - The Ruling Truth
22 дня назад 250,00 (не задано)

Информация о артисте

There are at least twenty bands named Damnation:
1. Black/thrash metal band formed in Stockholm, Sweden, 1989 by Peter Sjarnvind (known from Entombed,Unanimated, Nifelheim,Black Trip) with Richard Cabeza (Dismember,Unanimated) on guitar, Bjorn Gramell on bass, and Micke Jansson (Unanimated) on vocals - later left the group and Cabeza took over as vocalist.
They've released Divine Darkness demo tape in 1994,
3-track EP Insulter of Jesus Christ! on Iron Fist productions in 2004, and
full-length album Destructo Evangelia on Threeman records in 2004 consisting of songs written between 1994 and 2004. Mork from Malign wrote lyrics for two songs on it and Watain's E. Danielsson performed vocals on the title track.

2. Death metal band formed in Sopot, Poland, 1991 by Bart Szudek on guitars (later known from Azarath). Their lyrics focus on Satanism and paganism.
After releasing two demos - Everlasting Sickness (93) & Forbidden Spaces (94) - they released their debut album Reborn... on Pagan Records in 1995. Followed up by Rebel Souls in 1996, on which Inferno from Behemoth joined to play drums. With this lineup, they released the 4-track EP Coronation in 1997. They then released a split with Behemoth consisting of their demo Forbidden Spaces, and Behemoth's And The Forests Dream Eternally. At this point Inferno left Damnation and joined Behemoth, and original drummer Varien took over. With this lineup they released their third album Resist in 2000 (the Polish edition features alternate cover artwork and 3 cover tracks, of Possessed (Tribulation), Morbid Angel (Blasphemy), & King Diamond (A Mansion In Darkness)).
A demo compilation was released in 2003 - Demonstration of Evil on cassette tape of both demos and an unreleased rehearsal.
Another compilation Resurrection of Azarath, which has most tracks from Rebel Souls aside from the intro track, Coronation EP aside from the fourth track, a three track promo from 1998, and 2 cover tracks from 2000 (King Diamond's Mansion in Darkness & Morbid Angel's Bleed for the Devil). Their demos were reissued on CD for the first time by Witching Hour Productions in 2013, called Demo(n)s without any bonus tracks. They are active and signed to Witching Hour Productions, after having split-up between 2004 and 2013.

3. A Canadian thrash metal (proto-death metal) band from Montreal, Quebec that released 4 demos between 1986 and 1992. They briefly reformed for a Quebec metal compilation in 2007. Discography re-release by Nuclear War records.

4. An American hard-rock quintet, from Ohio. Their sounds have a great influence of 60's sound, lots of melodies but heavy performance.

5. A punk rock band from Los Angeles formed in the early 90s.

6. A Mexican metal band formed in 2007.

There are many other bands with this name, including: A power metal band from Argentina, a black/death metal band from France, a death metal band from Germany, a thrash metal band from Germany, a death/thrash metal band from Greece, a death metal band from Indonesia, a speed metal band from the United States and a death metal band from the United States.

7. Brazilian Thrash Metal in the German vein. Since 2010.

8. Progressive Power Metal from Argentina

9. Death/Thrash Metal from Punta Arenas, Chile

10. Black/Death Metal from Metz, Lorraine, France

11. Death Metal from Winterstein, Thuringia, Germany

12. Thrash Metal from Germany (unknow city) Released a demo called "Anthems of the Damnated" in 1993.

13. Thrash Metal from Betzenweiler, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

14. Death/Thrash Metal from Kilkis, Central Macedonia, Greece

15. Death Metal from Yogyakarta, Indonesia

16. Death Metal from Spring Valley, California, United States

17. Power/Speed Metal from Upper Marlboro, Maryland, United States

18. Thrash Metal from Long Island, New York, United States

19. Melodic Death Metal from Vicenza, Veneto, Italy

20. Shorter name for rock band Damnation of Adam Blessing Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.