Тексты песен Dawn Of Oblivion

Dawn Of Oblivion - Concealed Behind The Chequered Flag
16 дней назад 274 (не задано)
Dawn Of Oblivion - Face The New World
5 дней назад 277 (не задано)
Dawn Of Oblivion - Faith
15 дней назад 265 (не задано)
Dawn Of Oblivion - Hollow Smiles
16 дней назад 272 (не задано)
Dawn Of Oblivion - Illusions
5 дней назад 268 (не задано)
Dawn Of Oblivion - Into The Dungeon (Version)
месяц назад 229 (не задано)
Dawn Of Oblivion - Last Rites
месяц назад 229 (не задано)
Dawn Of Oblivion - Nazgul
месяц назад 252 (не задано)
Dawn Of Oblivion - Nine Miles From Home
день назад 237 (не задано)
Dawn Of Oblivion - November
месяц назад 226 (не задано)
Dawn Of Oblivion - Second Floor Vendetta
16 дней назад 242 (не задано)
Dawn Of Oblivion - The Oblivion
день назад 222 (не задано)
Dawn Of Oblivion - The Suffocated Ground
18 дней назад 224 (не задано)
Dawn Of Oblivion - Turn Back Now
месяц назад 225 (не задано)
Dawn Of Oblivion - Ubiquitous
месяц назад 233 (не задано)

Информация о артисте

Группа Dawn of Oblivion была сформирована в 1992 году вокалистом/гитаристом Victor Fradera и гитаристом/клавишником Per Broberg. Затем были найдены басист Jesper Rydberg и барабанщик Andreas Bage. Два демо и несколько концертов помогли заключить первый контракт и начать запись дебютного альбома "A Fervent Prayer". Вскоре после издания этого диска, в 1994 году группа распалась из-за разных взглядов на творчество. Однако через какое-то время Victor реанимировал Dawn of Oblivion и пригласил американского гитариста Jimmy Lee Lou, басиста Jonas Nilsson и того же барабанщика Andreas. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.
Dawn of Oblivion was formed in 1992 by singer/guitarplayer Victor Fradera and guitar/keyboard player Per Broberg.

Two drum machine demos and no gigs later a bass playing youngster by the name of Jesper Rydberg and a dazzling hunk of a drummer, Andreas Båge, was recruited to make the band sound more like... a band. Two demos, a few gigs and a talent show later DOO earned their first record deal and recorded the already classic album "A Fervent Prayer". Shortly after the release of the album, in 1994, the band split up due to "difference of opinions". Victor then reformed Dawn of Oblivion and recruited American guitarist Jimmy Lee Lou, bassplayer Jonas Nilsson and again, the dazzling hunk of a drummer, Andreas. Two demos, some gigs and a another record deal later, DOO again parked their buts in the studio, this time to record the 1997 "Yorick" album. After some gig´n and touring , a few child births, divorces and what not , DOO felt it was time to start recording again, so in late 1998, in preparation for their third full length album, they began recordings of the four track EP "Haunted". Shortly before the release of Haunted, guitarist Jimmy informed his fellow band members that he intends to leave the band, Jim wanted to spend more time with his family and other music projects.

DOO hold some auditions to recruit a new guitar player, and after only a month, almost out of the blue, a very potent stallion of a man , Stefan Rosqvist, shows up for rehearsal. Stefan joins the band and the line up is again complete. After much rehearsal DOO embarks on a short tour of Sweden to grind the rock´n roll lifestyle into the brains and bones of the members, all this in preparation for the long and painful process of writing and recording Dawn of Oblivions third full length masterpiece "Mepisto´s Appealing". Recordings started in January 2000 and ended in March 2001.
Stay tuned, more is to come......

http://www.dawnofoblivion.com/1024/ Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.