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Deathless - Holy Sepulchre
месяц назад 181 (не задано)
Deathless - In Unmet Chambers Slain
12 дней назад 183 (не задано)
Deathless - Inexstasis
8 дней назад 181 (не задано)
Deathless - Law Of Fire
месяц назад 180 (не задано)
Deathless - Single Erosion
месяц назад 185 (не задано)
Deathless - Sun Turns Though Ash
месяц назад 177 (не задано)
Deathless - The Price Of Our Wasting Lives
месяц назад 172 (не задано)
Deathless - Torture`s Deep Inside My Mind
месяц назад 172 (не задано)
Deathless - Two Ways
месяц назад 177 (не задано)
Deathless - Under Fear
месяц назад 177 (не задано)
Deathless - Under The Wood
месяц назад 173 (не задано)
Deathless - Years Later
месяц назад 172 (не задано)

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Damian Bennett, David Quinn Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.
Deathless (Australia/UK)

Deathless was formed in 1989 by David Quinn (ex King Snake Roost/Madroom and others) and Damian Bennett (ex Storm of Blood) comprising two bass guitars and drum machines. the band gigged frequently around Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, before relocating to London. A deal with Electrip/KK records was struck after the recording of the 'Stasis' demo and the album 'Anhedonia' was rush-recorded at the band's expense and released in 1992.

David Quinn returned to Australia due to personal commitments and would be replaced by David Cochrane (Head of David, God etc) for live appearances. KK released the ep 'Nondeathless' which featured bass playing and contributions by Justin Broadrick (Godflesh, Head of David) which was also financed by the band.

Quinn returned for the recording of the band's next demo which was recorded at Rich Bitch studios in Birmingham and mastered by Broadrick at Avalanche. KK showed no interest in this demo so the band opted to release the next album 'Antilectual' on Black Hole Records in 1995. It was recorded and engineered in Basel, Switzerland by Manuel Liebeskind (also involved with Oxbow, Melt Banana and The Silence Cries). Bennett now played in Swiss band 16-17 as well as UK band Gauge as well as Deathless.The album featured the 'Nondeathless' ep which now featured extra material such as 'Plastikface', recorded at Rich Bitch.

The band toured and played with acts such as Zeni Geva, Alchemist, Godflesh and 16-17. A live drummer was added as were enhanced soundscapes to create a dynamic live experience much at odds with the typical alternative metal ethos.

A final slew of sessions occurred in 1998 for an album with the working title of 'The Young And The Deathless' and the final chapter of the band has yet to be written.

Deathless (Spain)

Deathless was born in the beginning of 1.995. By that year, the band was Emilio Cañas (vocals), José Contreras and Michael Fidalgo (guitars), Antonio J. Cantos (bass) and Jose Luis González (drums).

Early, under the monicker of Line of Fire, the band recorded a one song demo (Law of fire) and a three song demo called "World's Heartbeat". The band played five shows, all of them from january to juny 1.994.

In the beginning of 1.995, the band looked back and decided to make some changes, as the monicker itself (It comes to be "Deathless") and give a different way to all the songs the band had by that moment.

During 1.995-1.996, we recorded a master. Eight songs with Climent Montserrat at "Estudios Panorama". That master was mixed in september '96 with Peter W. Eichenberg as engineer, Climent Montserrat as assistant and Deathless (with Peter and Ciment) as producers.

In 1.996, we were featured in an underground compilation called "Blessed by the dark, comp."

In May and June 1997, the band takes part in the "5é Concurs de Rock de Mataró"(a local rock contest). Deathless was classified, together five more bands, between a total of 186 contestants (contestants chosen among several hundreds of bands). Finally, after playing live on June 27, we got the second place.

At the end of 1.997, the band signs a two records deal with Pulverised Records from Singapore. The first of these cds was recorded later with Tomas Skogsberg at Sunlight Studios from Stockholm, Sweden.

The well-known Spanish Fanzine Black Rites, now Black Light, includes our song Razing Life (Demo) and several pictures in a compilation cd-r, released with the third issue.

In American Sounds Of Death issue number 12, Deathless was featured in a Pulverised Records compilation. Here you can find two songs, "Torture´s deep inside my mind" and "Two ways" from the then forthcoming first album "The time to be immortal".

In summer 1.999, Pulverised Records informs the band about the bad economical times the label is suffering so they give the band the option to search for another label or just wait till things get better. The band buys the recording and all the copyrights and look for a label.

The band signs a contract for this cd and another one with Goldtrack Records from Madrid, Spain and "The time to be immortal" is finally released in March 2000.

In May 2.001, Dark Angel Records from Thailand, license the cd to release it in cassette format.

Deathless has been featured in several compilations as "Goldtrack Records Sampler #1", "Vampiria´Zine #5", "Necromance Magazine 2/2000, Pure underground #6" and "The grimoire of exalted deeds #6, War dance"

Actually, the band has recorded a four tracks demo full of new stuff since we have a total of eleven new songs to be recorded on a new second cd. This new demo has been recorded to look for a new label now that Goldtrack Records can´t pay any money to release a new Deathless cd.

The band was chose together eleven more metal bands to take part of the 14º Concurso Villa de Bilbao (The most important Spanish musical contest). We played live in March 2.002, in the Bilborock venue, where Nuria Navarro played live for the first time with Deathless as our new keyboardist.

In July 2.002, Jose Luis left the band beacuse of musical differences with the rest of the band and a month later, Carlos Climent (Purgatory´s Troop drummer too) joins Deathless.

In November, Nuria leaves Deathless and in January 2.003 Miquel J. Llodrà replaces her.

http://www.deathless.es Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.