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Dominion - Tears From The Stars
3 месяца назад 71 (не задано)
Dominion - Millennium
месяц назад 78 (не задано)
Dominion - Silhouettes
2 месяца назад 67 (не задано)
Dominion - Alive?
2 месяца назад 70 (не задано)
Dominion - Weaving Fear
3 месяца назад 66 (не задано)
Dominion - The Voyage
2 месяца назад 66 (не задано)
Dominion - Deep Into Me
2 месяца назад 65 (не задано)
Dominion - Impulse
месяц назад 93 (не задано)
Dominion - Conspire To Be
2 месяца назад 72 (не задано)
DOMINION - Tears From The Stars
2 месяца назад 210 (не задано)
DOMINION - Millennium
4 месяца назад 209 (не задано)
DOMINION - Silhouettes
месяц назад 230 (не задано)
2 месяца назад 202 (не задано)
DOMINION - Weaving Fear
4 месяца назад 199 (не задано)
DOMINION - The Voyage
4 месяца назад 226 (не задано)

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1.) The original Dominion was a moniker for Andrew Szava-Kovats who created electro-industrial music.
He was also founder leader of DATA BANK-A.

A solo project based on an unique blend of electronics with acoustics. Early works mixed instruments with electronic synthesizers, while newer works use more electronic instruments with vocals adding the acoustic dimension.


1986 - The Oracle (Cassette Release on K.O. City Studio)
1989 - Manhunt (CD and LP release from KK Records)
1990 - Lost (CD and LP release from KK Records)
1991 - Battleground (LP Release from Tragic Figures)
1997 - Only the Strong Survive (CD release from Metropolis)

Also appeared on several compilations from '86-'98.

2.) Dominion was groovy doom metal band from UK. Formerly known as Blasphemer, it featured a track with Aaron of My Dying Bride on its first album.
The band split up after their label Peaceville tried to turn them into a dance band. Guitar player Christiano currently works on his fathers pig farm in Malta.
1996 - Interface
1997 - Blackout
2006 - Treshold - a retrospective {Compilation}

3.) Dominion is brutal death from Sweden, the current line up is Victor Brandt - Vocals and Guitar and Jocke Olofsson - Drums.
The debute album “Born God and Aware” (artwork by Per Olofsson) is unleashed in 2006 and takes brutality to new extremes!
Victor Brandts sickening abuse of strings and zombiefied growls along with Jocke O’s blast-o-rama is a total show of extreme and fast deathmetal combined with superior technique and catchy riffs!

4.) Dominion is a suicidal black metal band from Sweden signed to Northern Silence Productions.
-Midnight Waltz (Demo, 2003)
-Death of Mankind...A Dream (Split with Nae'blis, 2006)

5.) Dominion is a Thrash-metal band from The Netherlands.

Current Line-up:
Marcus: Lead, rhythm guitars and vocals
Bart: Bass guitar
Robert: Drums, percussion and backing vocals

2004 - ...Of Hate
2007 - Psychotic

6) Dominion is an alias for progressive house DJ and electronic music artist Nigel Dawson, who had several releases on the Whoop! label in the late 90s and early 00s, including "11 Hours", "Ultraviolet", "Fortunes", "Lost Without You" and "The Gate", which appeared on several compilations and mix cds, but now seems to have vanished

7) Dominion (USA) is a technical brutal death metal band from Minneapolis, Minnesota formed in 1993, They released one album called Soul's Redemption before changing their name to Demonicon to which they have released 3 albums.Last known line-up
Bill Hedal - Vocals, Bass
Brian Owens - Guitar
Chad Ludwig - Drums
Corey Jones - Guitar (Demonicon)
Former/past member(s)
Mike Curran - Drums
Scott Ellingboe - Guitar (Incinerate)
Additional notes
Changed name to Demonicon in 1998 and signed to Root of All Evil Records.

Not to be confused with Dominion from Texas or Dominion (USA) from California

Under the name Demonicon

Matt Mahutga - Vocals (Nailed Shut)
Brian Owens - Guitar, Vocals
Anthony Columbus - Guitar (Daigoro (USA))
Patrick Morris - Bass (Cyphescy, Mortifest, Enola Grey, Crylyte, Wrath, Nailed Shut)
Former/past member(s)
Brandon Almendinger - Vocals
Josh Stever - Vocals
Bill Hedal - Vocals, Bass
Scott Robinson - Drums
Corey Jones - Drums
Josh Fetzek - Drums (Nailed Shut, Vulnerata, Under Eden)
Additional notes
Started as Dominion in 1993
Condemned Creation Full-length, 2001
Bloodlust Full-length, 2003 [1 review, 82%]
Hymns of Apostasy Full-length, 2008

8) Taken from their myspace.
"Dominion is a goth rock band, from Manila, the Philippines. cited as one of Asia's more relevant & longer running goth rock bands to date.

Although western rock influences are evident in the band's look and sound ; Dominion are believed to have uniquely injected eastern chord structures & authentic filipino symbolism & instrumentation in their brand of songwriting identitiy,

Their song "Luksa" is proof of this, considered the first tagalog "goth" song of it's kind. although some band members are non-filipinos ; the band has maintained this concept and ideology.

Formed in 1994, the band was a vehicle to deliver originally written music in the gothic rock vein to the unsuspecting local filipino underground.

Founded by Doi Porras (*drums/vox) along with recruited members Mike Strange (*vox/guitars),Iman leonardo (*bass), Raymond Paras (*guitar) and later Ady baysa (synths), They are noted to expose and be a main influence in today's filipino gothic scene.

Influential enough to be covered by national TV and print media,their album "Hand of cain" although not a commercially successful release is regarded as an important relic that has cemented the road for later bands to follow.

Although an independent band; Dominion achieved National tours sponsored by major brands such as Jack Daniels, Colt 45 , San Miguel Beer, Philippine Airlines and Axe Cologne;

They have also have appeared constantly on Abs-Cbn TV ; RPN TV ; MTV Asia; and have co-billed with Kozi (ex Malice mizer / Japan), Angina Pectoris (Germany), & Eve of destiny (Japan) aside from relevant Filipino bands like Dahong palay,Razor back,Alamid, Advent call, & Sugar hiccup,

Dominion articles, Blurbs and press has been published by important reads such as Pulp Magazine , Philippine daily star, Philippine inquirer, Manila bulletin and lately in British Goth documentarist Mick mercer's book. "Music to die for"

Many fans of underground music credit them to have pioneered the spread of goth music in the Philippines since the early nineties.

"This is a definite for any fan of The Sisters of mercy, The Mission Uk, The Cure, 69 eyes and Him" -Gerard Bumanglag , MyGothicheart.com "

9) Dominion (PackFM, Mr. Mecca, and Substantial) is a Hip Hop group with artists from New York and Maryland that has been working together since the 1990's. They've yet to release an album or mixtape, but have been working towards officially releasing new material in 2010. For more information: www.QN5.com

10) Dominion (Colombia) is a black metal band.
Releases so far:
The Calling Single 2004
Total Darkness Demo 2004
The Demons Attack DVD 2006
Blasphemous Invocation Single 2006
Dominion Demo 2011

11) Dominion (USA) is a Pop Punk band from Viriginia. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.