Тексты песен Dubstar

Dubstar - Just a girl she said
месяц назад 292 (не задано)
Dubstar - Stars
25 дней назад 328 (не задано)
Dubstar - Anywhere
13 дней назад 316 (не задано)
Dubstar - Bow Wow Now
2 месяца назад 276 (не задано)
Dubstar - Can`t Tell Me
2 месяца назад 291 (не задано)
Dubstar - Cathedral Park
22 дня назад 270 (не задано)
Dubstar - Disgraceful
2 месяца назад 261 (не задано)
Dubstar - Elevator Song
26 дней назад 268 (не задано)
Dubstar - Excuse Me Father
2 месяца назад 251 (не задано)
Dubstar - Ghost
месяц назад 252 (не задано)
Dubstar - I Will Be Your Girlfriend
13 дней назад 265 (не задано)
Dubstar - In My Defense
9 дней назад 251 (не задано)
Dubstar - Inside
28 дней назад 275 (не задано)
Dubstar - It`s Clear
26 дней назад 300 (не задано)
Dubstar - It`s Over
месяц назад 310 (не задано)

Информация о артисте

Dubstar (Дабстар) — британская поп-группа. Образована Стивом Хиллером и Крисом Вилки в 1992 году. Сара Блэквуд присоединилась к группе в 1993 году. Группа прекратила свое существование в ноябре 2000 года. Весной 2007 года на официальном сайте группы появилось сообщение о возможном воссоединении и выпуске нового альбома. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.
Sarah Blackwood, Steve Hillier and Chris Wilkie first appeared as Dubstar in 1994. Hillier's floating synths, Wilkie's chiming guitar and the ever-plaintive vocals from Sarah Blackwood drew comparisons to Pet Shop Boys, The Smiths and Kirsty MacColl, while the band regularly added Cocteau Twins and One Dove among their greatest influences.

Dubstar released their debut album 'Disgraceful' on Food Records in the Autumn of 1995 to worldwide critical and commercial success. Disgraceful features four UK Top 40 singles including the dreampop classic Stars, perennial radio favourite Not So Manic Now and The Day I see You Again, a ballad that revisits a broken relationship that's been covered by artists as diverse as Claudia Brücken and Bon Bob Club. A timely female led version of Billy Bragg's St Swithin's Day caught the imagination of the music press; an instrumental version was even used as the theme for the BBC's coverage of the Euro '96 football championship.

The follow up album Goodbye was released two years later and spawned another three UK Top 40 singles including No More Talk, a number one radio hit in the UK. Both albums were produced by Stephen Hague.

Third album Make It Better was released in 2000 and includes the fan-favourite Self Same Thing, their last single for Food Records. A belated compilation 'Stars…the best of Dubstar' was released by EMI in 2004.

Following a twelve year hiatus, Dubstar announced the recording of new material in 2012 and release their fourth, as yet untitled album in 2013, again working with Stephen Hague. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.