Тексты песен Fireside

Fireside - (Oh I`m So) Alone
5 часов назад 282 (не задано)
Fireside - Bistro
23 дня назад 304 (не задано)
Fireside - Black Soup
3 месяца назад 277 (не задано)
Fireside - Cement
8 дней назад 279 (не задано)
Fireside - Circulate
17 дней назад 280 (не задано)
Fireside - Cisco Heat
7 часов назад 259 (не задано)
Fireside - Desolater
10 дней назад 246 (не задано)
Fireside - Dos
19 дней назад 259 (не задано)
Fireside - Downer
7 дней назад 252 (не задано)
Fireside - Elevator Action
2 дня назад 264 (не задано)
Fireside - Fernandez Must Die
11 дней назад 250 (не задано)
Fireside - Follow Follow
14 дней назад 261 (не задано)
Fireside - Goatgob
4 часа назад 263 (не задано)
Fireside - Hals Und Beinbruch
23 дня назад 249 (не задано)
Fireside - Happy Porno Living
10 дней назад 254 (не задано)

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Fireside is a Swedish rock band from the northern city of Luleå that formed in the early 1990s. They had some success in the US with their second album "Do not tailgate" which was released around the same time as Texas is the Reason's debut album. Both albums are credited with modernizing the emo genre and moving it away from hardcore and more into the realm of pop. The music is hard and emotional with lyrics about troubled love. The first album is strongly reminiscent of Quicksand, albeit Fireside have denied being influenced by the former. Having released five albums to date, Fireside have since developed a personal style. Their most recent album, Get Shot, was released in 2003 via V2 Records. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.