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Joe Dolce - Shaddap You Face
14 часа назад 148,00 (не задано)
Joe Dolce - If You Want To Be Happy
1 месяц назад 275,00 (не задано)
Joe Dolce - Shaddap You Face
7 дня назад 270,00 (не задано)
Joe Dolce - Shut Uppa You Face
1 месяц назад 302,00 (не задано)

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Joe Dolce is an american-born singer and song writer who currently resides in Australia. He is mainly known for his one hit wonder "Shaddap You Face", which hooked the number one spot for several weeks in over 15 countries. He has been inactive for many years now. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.