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Los Piratas - Condenado
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Los Piratas - Aсos 80
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Los Piratas (sometimes known only as Piratas) were a pop-rock group from Vigo (Spain), led by Iván Ferreiro (lead vocalist and author of most of the songs).

Their first album was "Los Piratas", a live record, followed by "Quiero hacerte gritar", their first studio album. Later on they would release "Poligamia" and "Manual para los fieles". Their next album, "Fin de la primera parte" (end of the first part), was a special album that recapped their best songs and marked a changed towards much more complex style.

After this came "Ultrasónica" (later re-released with an extra disc of rarities titled "Sesiones perdidas") and their last studio album, "Relax", re-released again later on with three rarities discs: "Inerte", "Respuestas" and "Dinero".

Their last album was recorded during their last concert in Madrid, and was called "Fin de la segunda parte" (end of second part), thus completing the circle and their career.

They split up in 2004. Iván Ferreiro and Alfonso Román (Fon Roman) started their own solo career. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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