Тексты песен Mikaila

Mikaila - My Heart Can`t Let You Go
12 дней назад 312 (не задано)
Mikaila - Forever, For Always, For You
13 дней назад 465 (не задано)
Mikaila - So In Love With Two
21 день назад 339 (не задано)
Mikaila - Im So In Love With Two
17 дней назад 448 (не задано)
Mikaila - Straight To My Face
9 дней назад 313 (не задано)
Mikaila - Playground
месяц назад 299 (не задано)
Mikaila - Talkin` `Bout Me
16 дней назад 251 (не задано)
Mikaila - It`s All Up To You
месяц назад 277 (не задано)
Mikaila - Perfect World
2 месяца назад 274 (не задано)
Mikaila - My Dream Is Gone
месяц назад 268 (не задано)
Mikaila - My Heaven
месяц назад 244 (не задано)
Mikaila - Emotional
месяц назад 225 (не задано)
Mikaila - Because Of You
месяц назад 240 (не задано)
Mikaila - The Art Of Letting Go
месяц назад 267 (не задано)
Mikaila - Because Of You
27 дней назад 468 (не задано)

Информация о артисте

Mikaila (born Mikaila Dominique Enriquez on December 15, 1986) is a pop singer from Edmond, Oklahoma.

Mikaila is most notable for recording and performing the song So In Love With Two off her self-titled album in 2001 at the age of fourteen on Island Records. The song went to #29 in the Rhythmic Top 40 Billboard chart, #25 on the Billboard Top 40 and #27 on Billboard's Top 40 Mainstream. The album itself went to #20 on the Top Heatseekers chart. She has not recorded anything else since then. Towards 2001 the teen pop scene had been dying down from its late 1990s hype. This made things complicated for Mikaila's career.

Mikaila is of French, Spanish and Aztec Indian descent. Mikaila also released her debut album Mikaila, which included the songs Playground, So In Love With Two, and Perfect World. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.