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Группа Mirage появилась в 1997 году в следующем составе: Tomo (Томо - ex- Sense of Shape) – вокал, Rui (Руи - ex-Tinker Bell) - гитара, Yayoi (Яой – ex-Sense of Shape) – гитара, Kisaki (Кисаки) – бас, и Hiro (Хиро – ex-L~CYFER) – ударные. Идейным вдохновителем стал, разумеется, Кисаки, который собрал новую группу сразу после того, как распалась его предыдущая команда, La:Sadie(после распада La:Sadie оставшиеся участники создали группу Dir en grey).
В апреле 1997 года вышла в свет демо-запись «en:Rouge», а следом за ней – макси-сингл «Silhouette». Заявка была очень неплохой, и в течение всего года группа создала еще одну демо-запись, три макси-сингла и дебютный мини-альбом «Arcadia». Пожалуй, именно эта последняя работа молодой группы стала наиболее успешной в коммерческом плане и пользовалась наибольшей любовью поклонников Mirage.
В начале следующего года ребята выпустили сразу две демо-записи – это «Aka no rakuen» и «Kuro no rakuen», после чего приняли участие в концерте, посвященном Дню всех влюбленных. Тогда же ударник Хиро взял себе новое имя, Ayame (Аяме). В мае появился макси-сингл «Rain», в июле ребята порадовали публику своим видео «Cradle of Labyrinthа», а в октябре вышел «Grave», после чего Tomo заявил о своем желании покинуть группу. Мини-альбом «Risk en Eve» был создан уже с новым вокалистом, которым стал Akira (Акира), бывший участник группы L~CYFER. Если сравнить эту вещь с предыдущими работами Mirage, то можно заметить разницу в звучании: с уходом Томо музыка группы претерпела значительные перемены, став гораздо более мрачной и тяжелой.
В начале 1999 года команда приняла участие в составлении демонстрационного сборника «Refuse», подготовила макси-сингл «..Air» и выпустила видео «Death and Rebirth». В марте 2000 года вышла в свет запись живого выступления группы, которая называлась «To ESCAPE». Затем состоялось турне Mirage по Японии, завершившееся официальным заявлением о распаде группы.
Наиболее успешной оказалась карьера двух участников этой замечательной команды: Руи и Кисаки. Первый стал участником группы, а второй организовал сразу несколько проектов, среди которых Kisaki Project, группы Syndrome и Phantasmagoria.
В июле 2007 года вышел коллекционный альбом Mirage, получивший название «BEST COLLECTION». Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.
There is more than one band called Mirage.

1) Mirage is the music project of Robin Nydal from Los Angeles. His blends whimsical melodies and harsh tones that make psych tones and rhythms that blend nostalgia with a lost sense of place and wonder.


2) A cult hungarian new/darkwave band from the '80s.

3) MIRAGE was a band created by KISAKI (Phantasmagoria). MIRAGE was in activity only for 3 years, but had lot of cds and concerts and yet fans. MIRAGE was the new band of KISAKI when get out of La:Sadie's. The band started in 1997 with the start components TOMO (vocal, ex-Misty, Sense of Shape), RUI (guitar; Roadie da Tinker Bell), YAYOI (guitar, ex-De≠prive, Sense of Shape), KISAKI (bass, ex-LAYBIAL, De≠prive), e HIRO (drums, L~CYFER) that lately changed his name to AYAME. Their first demo-tape, en:Rouge, was put on market at 7 de abril, wright after 3 singles and a second demo, MIRAGE, in august. Their next cd was a mini-album Arcadia and was received and loved by fans. Then more two "Kuro no rakuen" and "Ao no rakuen", that were distribuited on their live concert at Valentine's Day. For not known reasons, TOMO left the band in the meadle of 1998 and was replaced by AKIRA (ex-L~CYFER). After his coming, the visual and sound of MIRAGE became more "dark" and heavy. Their first cd wit AKIRA was the mini-album Risk en Eve at 23 of december and until now is the most loved cd by fans. In 1999, the thing were going pretty well with this new face of MIRAGE. They had lot os tours and made a new maxi-single "・・・Air" and the PV VHS "DEATH AND REBIRTH" in september. At this time, eventhough, there were rumors of MIRAGE broken up. Unhappily, the band affirmate these rumor and made their last tour during winter and officialy broke up at january of 2000. Mirage said good bye to the fans with a "box-set" called "to ESCAPE" with a VHS and a Cd.

4) Mirage is a band from UK formed in 1990s by ex-Camel and ex-Caravan members Pete Bardens (keyboards, vocals), Andy Ward (drums) and Dave Sinclair (keyboards). They toured in 1994 and 1996 and released live albums on which they performed songs from both Camel's and Caravan's repertoire.

5) Mirage is also an electro band from Italy.
Vocals: Simone Adonai
Synthesizer: Achille Vettesi
Programs: Julius

6) Mirage is an russian pop-band that was founded 1987 in Moscow. [[artist]Мираж]

7) Mirage is a symphonic metal band from China.

8) Mirage is a rock band from Iran

9) Drawing his name from the optical illusion also known as fatamorgana, or more commonly as a Mirage, Filip (his first name, which in turn means "friend of a horse,") comes from the Serbian city of Novi Sad, but goes everywhere riding on a wave of art. He has been rapping since 2004, and is thus in the relatively early stages of his budding career. A mathematics student, Mirage's dream is to become the first rapper with a Ph. D. Along with hip hop, his biggest passion is photography. He once maniacally chased a dragonfly across a field until he was satisfied that he had captured it in a moment of perfection on his camera. The synthesis of the two disciplines, hip hop and photography, has led to the 2006 release of a demo album titled, "Sinkretizam 16." Mirage, however, is determined to continue to grow in both forms of art separately, or in another combination of the two throughout the coming years. Mirage urges you to gain a more detailed look into his persona through his music if you understand Serbian, otherwise he points you to his photography and lets it do the talking.

10) Mirage is also finnish Indie Rock Band founded in 2005

11) Mirage comprised electric guitarist Brian Godding, electric bassist Steve Cook and saxophonist George Khan (all Westbrook bandmembers at various points in the 1970s and 1980s) and drummer Dave Sheen (who also played with Dick Crouch's Paz). The music is a viscerally affecting, raw-boned brand of jazz-rock, sparked by basic, catchy riffs

12) "One hit" project created by Oliver Lieb and Ralph P. Ruppert. They release single "Airborn" in 1993 by fameous Eye Q label.

13) Sega group from Réunion island.

14) Mirage was also a Danish heavy metal band (active from 1982 until 1988). Their releases consisted mainly of demos, 7'' singles and EPs, though most of these can be found on the 2002 compilation album "...And The Earth Shall Crumble".

15) Greek power/speed metal band by Bob Katsionis.Released two demos "Time to Win" in 1996 and "Vibrations" in 1997

16) Mirage released numerous cover version megamixes of current pop hits during the eighties. Many of them were produced by Nigel Wright, sometimes together with Nigel Stock, John Davies & Robin Sellars. Mirage also had three vocalists that posed on the record-covers: Kiki Billy, Nicos Griffiths & Carlos Griffiths.

17) Also a Polish new wave band, played at Jarocin festival in 1986.

18) French band MIRAGE were born in1996 of the fusion of keyboardist Philippe Duplessy, drummer Joël Mondon, bassist Cyrille Forner and his brother guitarist Stephan Forner; Stefan's wife Agnès, who would join them on flute and vocals during concerts, soon became a permanent member of the band. For most of twenty years, all had been CAMEL devotees (as you may have guessed from the band's name) and by 2001 they had gigged, jammed and accumulated enough material to release a first album titled "A Secret Place". This gave them some exposure and fostered a renewed enthusiasm for a second album titled "Tales from the Green Sofa", released in 2004. Besides CAMEL, bassist Cyrille Forner says the band members are also influenced by The ALAN PARSONS PROJECT, KING CRIMSON, PINK FLOYD, The FLOWER KINGS and PORCUPINE TREE as well as by not-so-prog acts such as LED ZEPPELIN and DEEP PURPLE.

Both of their albums, "A Secret Place" and "Tales From the Green Sofa", feature that rich, warm, mellow, melodic guitar and flute play reminiscent of early CAMEL; add some female vocals plus a little touch of jazz fusion and you'll get the picture. Throughout both CDs, you'll be hearing hints of "Moonmadmesss", "The Snowgoose" and "Nude" as well as of "Harbour of Tears" and even "A Nod and a Wink". Overall, both feel a bit like some timeless CAMEL albums. Nothing revolutionary but fairly well done and faithful to the CAMEL spirit, with nice arrangements and a very decent production.

Recommended to vintage CAMEL fans.
Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.