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Mission of Burma — американская рок-группа, образовавшаяся в 1979 году в Бостоне, штат Массачусетс, и исполнявшая experimental punk / post punk с элементами noise rock. В первый состав группы вошли Роджер Миллер (англ. Roger Miller, гитара), Клинт Конли (англ. Clint Conley, бас-гитара), Питер Прескотт (англ. Peter Prescott, ударные) и Мартин Своп (англ. Martin Swope, студийные эффекты). Используя частые смены темпа, необычныую для рок-музыки размерность и последовательности аккордов, "артовые, но без претенциозности" Mission of Burma заметно расширили стилистические рамки панк-рока (сохранив при этом изначальную агрессивность) и приобрели репутацию одной из ведущих групп американского пост-панка.

Дебютировав в 1981 году синглом "Academy Fight Song", вышедшем на бостонском инди-лейбле Ace of Hearts Records, группа выпустила затем ""Signals, Calls, and Marches" (1981), за которым последовал успешный полноформатный дебют ""Vs.", восторженно встреченный рок-критикой и впоследствии объявленный классическим. Несмотря на повсеместный успех релиза, группа в 1983 году из-за болезни Миллера (у него возникли проблемы со слухом) распалась.

С годами Mission of Burma стали считаться культовым и сверхвлиятельным коллективом в истории американского альтернативного рока. В числе тех, кто упоминали Mission of Burma в числе основных влияний, были участники Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Superchunk, Jawbox, R.E.M., Sonic Youth, Drive Like Jehu, Throwing Muses, Yo La Tengo, Fugazi, Pixies, Guided by Voices, Catherine Wheel.

В 2002 году Mission of Burma реформировались (Боб Уэстон (англ. Bob Weston) заменил Свопа) и с тех пор выпустила три студийных альбома: "ONoffON", "The Obliterati" и "The Sound The Speed The Light". В 2009 году власти Бостона объявили 4 октября «Днем Mission of Burma Day». Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.
Mission of Burma is an American post-punk band formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 1979. The band was formed by Roger Miller (guitar), Clint Conley (bass), Peter Prescott (drums) and Martin Swope (tape manipulator/sound engineer). Miller, Conley and Prescott share singing and songwriting duties. Like many of their post-punk contemporaries, Mission of Burma's efforts are largely concerned with extending punk's original vocabulary without losing its essential rebellious spirit. Using rapid shifts in dynamics, unconventional time signatures and chord progressions along with tape effects, Mission of Burma challenges the prevailing idioms of punk while attempting to retain its power and immediacy.

In early years the band's audience was limited to the Boston area, with all their recordings released on the small Boston-based record label Ace of Hearts. Despite initial success, Mission of Burma disbanded in 1983 due to Miller's development of tinnitus caused by the volume of the band's live performances. The band released only one album in its original form, Vs.. Mission of Burma reformed in 2002, with Bob Weston replacing Swope, and has since recorded two more albums, ONoffON and The Obliterati.

Their wall-of-noise musical sound extended the vocabulary of punk while continuing to hold clear its sense of power and abandon. They used a number of tape effects, different chord progressions, and time shifts to highlight their formal training in music. Not only that but they are seen now as a highly influential band to both post-punk and experimental music to come after; many bands cite Burma as an inspiration, including Nirvana, Superchunk, Creed, The Grifters, R.E.M. (who regularly covered "Academy Fight Song" on their Green tour), Sonic Youth, Throwing Muses, Yo La Tengo, Soul Asylum, Pixies, Sugar, Catherine Wheel, Guided by Voices, Graham Coxon and Moby - the last two of which have covered ""That's When I Reach For My Revolver."

The band were due to tour in 1980 with Joy Division but the suicide of Ian Curtis, Joy Division's singer, canceled the tour. In 1983, after releasing their only full-length studio record Vs., the group disbanded due to Miller's worsening tinnitus.

The band found increasing relevance throughout the 90s, culminating in the publication of Michael Azzerad's essays Our Band Could Be Your Life which featured Mission of Burma. In 2002, they reunited and began playing reunion shows with Bob Weston of Shellac (and formerly Prescott's Volcano Suns bandmate) replacing Swope at the mixing board and tape manipulation. In an interview Miller relates that "when we approached Bob Weston to fill Martin's position, we told him he could use current digital technology which accomplishes Martin's antics in an easier fashion. However, Bob opted for maintaining the original integrity, and uses a tape deck."

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