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Open Hand - 626
7 дней назад 282 (не задано)
Open Hand - Radio Days
день назад 277 (не задано)
Open Hand - The Dream
2 дня назад 274 (не задано)
Open Hand - Someday
7 дней назад 278 (не задано)
Open Hand - Thought Process
6 дней назад 264 (не задано)
Open Hand - Life As It Is
7 дней назад 217 (не задано)
Open Hand - The Struggle
27 дней назад 225 (не задано)
Open Hand - Never Al0ne
28 дней назад 217 (не задано)
Open Hand - 11th Street
7 дней назад 203 (не задано)
Open Hand - In Your Eyes
3 дня назад 221 (не задано)
Open Hand - Life As Is
7 дней назад 223 (не задано)
Open Hand - Never Alone
7 дней назад 210 (не задано)
Open Hand - This Is The End
3 дня назад 214 (не задано)
Open Hand - Time To Talk
14 дней назад 215 (не задано)

Информация о артисте

Open Hand - Калифорнийская инди-рок-группа. Группа была сформирована в Голливуде в 1999 гитаристом/вокалистом Justin Isham, басистом Michael Anastasi и барабанщиком Alex Rodriguez. Они выпустили два EP на собственном лейбле American Propaganda, Radio Days (1999) и Evolutions (2000). После тура в поддержку EPs с группами Thursday , MxPx , From Autumn To Ashes, Grade и The Juliana Theory , они подписались с Trustkill Records в 2002. В 2003, Trustkill выпустил The Dream, коллекцию распроданного EPs группы. Они выпустили альбом you and me в 2005, и совершали турне до 2007. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.
Open Hand was formed in Hollywood in 1999 by guitarist/vocalist Justin Isham, bassist Michael Anastasi and drummer Alex Rodriguez. Determined to escape the confines of hardcore, the early incarnation of the band tempered its frantic riffing with lush melodies, intricate instrumental passages and a keen sense of dynamics.

Open Hand quickly built a massive buzz in the underground scene. A band’s band from the beginning, Open Hand was offered tours with the likes of Glassjaw, The Juliana Theory and Thursday. Those early tours and two acclaimed EP releases on its own American Propaganda label, Radio Days (1999) and Evolutions (2000), helped spread the buzz. Both EPs quickly sold out and soon the band was the talk of major label A&R reps – though perhaps too soon. After a couple of false starts with the majors, Open Hand opted to sign with the highly regarded indie Trustkill Records in 2002.

The following year, Trustkill issued The Dream, a collection of the band’s long out of print EPs with a couple of new bonus tracks. In spite of the material being a few years old, The Dream quickly became a favorite of fans, artists and critics around the world – topping countless Best Albums of 2003 lists.

In 2005, Trustkill issued the follow-up, You and Me, which met with rave reviews and was rated "album of the month" by Rock Sound in the UK. The stylistic departure from The Dream was huge: with most of the original members departed in favour of other projects, lead singer Justin Isham began working on a sound more akin to the Queens of the Stone Age, among others. The original concept for the album was a military story, traces of which are still evident in songs like Trench Warfare and The Ambush, but was quickly discarded on the advice of Isham's friends and bandmates.

Open Hand's third album, Honey, was released April 20, 2010 on Anodyne Records. The band expanded on the layered, guitar-heavy Queens of the Stone Age sound they forged with You and Me, but Honey also saw the band experimenting with other styles and directions, such as on the hip-hop infused "The Valley" (featuring Christopher "Kid" Reid from Kid n' Play) or the trashy riot grrl number "The Angels." Matt Talbot of Hum and Brodie Rush of Be/Non also contributed vocals for the record. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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